Quick Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Your replacement windows Portland, OR are directly related to your comfort level. That’s why prison cells usually don’t have windows. They’re a luxury. They make any room appear more inviting. Of course, your windows aren’t the only part of your home associated with your comfort.

New Windows

Bright, cheery windows can make your life more pleasant. Multiple studies have shown that sunlight, specifically morning light, can improve your mood. Too much sun is harmful. But the right amount is a healthy way to get Vitamin D. New replacement windows can affect how much sunlight enters your home. You can even think about making your windows larger.

New Bedding

Think about the best sleep you’ve ever had. There’s a reasonable chance that your bed is what made it so comfortable. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep on an uncomfortable surface. Changing your mattress, however, takes effort. You can achieve a similar effect immediately by changing your bedding. New sheets and blankets feel great on your skin. You can also find options that suit almost every budget.

New Rug

If your carpet has grown old or dingy, it will inherently be less comfortable. You will notice it when you’re walking around your home. If you want the best feeling on your feet, you should think about installing new carpet. Plush, fresh carpet is exactly what you need to feel better. Of course, if you want a quicker fix, go for a rug. A nice rug can cover most of your floor.

Air Filters

The air quality in your home is very important. Poor air quality can trigger your allergies. It can also be very drying if you live in a non-humid climate. Dry air can lead to nosebleeds. To make yourself more comfortable you can get a humidifier and new air filters for your air conditioning and heating unit.

Fresh Paint

If there are any peeling or cracked parts in the paint, it’s easy to see why a fresh paint job would be appealing. However, even if the paint looks fine, there are still reasons to apply a fresh coat. A new color, for example, may promote your comfort level. Sometimes, you simply need a change. Painting an indoor room is easy enough that you should be able to do it yourself.

New Window Treatments

If you’re not ready to replace your windows outright, you can think about installing new window treatments. You can do it in a few minutes if you want to. It’s related to your comfort because it affects the visual appeal of your home. Humans are very visual creatures. You need to enjoy the view if you’re going to enjoy the location. It’s only natural.

Lifetime Windows & Doors can design and install your replacement windows Portland, OR. Please call us at (503) 230-0500 if you’d like to speak with a member of our team. Our showroom is located at 14110 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie, OR, 97267. We have experience and a strong reputation in the area.

How Natural Light Impacts Your Mood

We’ve all heard that poor lighting could cause eye damage or give you a headache from eye strain over time. But did you know that absence of natural light will also impact your mood and overall physical health? The lack of natural light has been found to contribute to depression as well as vitamin D deficiency, but it can also impact how energetic you feel. Bright natural light is good to help wake you up in the morning, whereas dim lights will help with your body’s natural rhythm, helping you sleep.

In the office, poor lighting can negatively impact productivity and can even make employees feel drowsy. That translates to a lack of motivation and focus! Light truly impacts your health, affecting behavior, mood, and hormone balances.

Have you noticed that your home lacks clean, energy efficient windows and doors that can bring in this beautiful natural light?  Don’t delay in starting your window replacement project. We are proud dealers of Milgard and Simonton window and door products. Our team of professionals can help get your new windows installed just in time for the change to autumn, so you can enjoy the light and see the changing leaves. New, energy efficient windows will not only boost your health and well being, but they will add curb appeal and value to your home. That means you’ll get a good return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home later down the road. In the meantime, you can enjoy the quietness, lower utility bills, and natural light that comes from having new windows.

Ready to talk to us about what window options are available within your budget? Your home deserves a facelift and your health will thank you for it. Contact us today for more information!

3 Things to Do Before Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling your home is a big job, but if you plan well, things will go smoothly, and it can be more exciting than stressful. Here are some important things to do before remodeling your home.

#1: Outline your project goals.
Homeowners have lots of different reasons for remodeling their home. Maybe things are out of date or the style is simply not something they connect with. Maybe there needs to be more added space, or you’re looking to increase the resale value of the home. It’s important to outline what your overall goals are before you pick up the hammer and start demolishing. Perhaps one of your project goals is to enhance your living space and create greater views to the outdoors. If that’s the case, plan for new, updated windows in the space that are energy efficient. Maybe your backyard space is important in your remodel. In that situation, consider what exterior siding could help enhance the home.

#2: Bring in the pros.
Maybe you will work with a contractor or you plan on doing a lot of the work yourself. However, bringing in the professional for some of the biggest jobs like window or door installation or roof replacement is very important. These people have the experience and knowledge that it takes to get the job done with accuracy, attention to detail and efficiency. These professionals will also help advise you on what windows or doors will help you improve the overall design of the home while adding value and curb appeal.

#3: Narrow down timelines.
Home renovations take time, so figuring out a general timeline is key. Working with professionals on the project will help, as they will see if there are any limitations or restrictions on the timeline you’ve proposed. They will be able to talk to you about that and come up with a reasonable completion date so you can stay on track and minimize frustrations along the way.

Your home is a sacred place that should be cared for well. A home renovation project should be planned carefully so the result is exactly how you envisioned it. We work with homeowners from around Portland, southwest Washington, and central Oregon to install beautiful, updated windows, doors, roofs, and siding! No matter what your budget, we will work with you to find top quality products that will help you enjoy your home for years to come. Contact us today to talk to us about your upcoming project!


Patio Remodeling Tips

Spring in the Northwest is stunning. Blooming flowers, chirping birds, and mild temperatures bring people outside to relax and explore. It is also a great time to get your patio redesigned or remodeled so you can spend the next several months outdoors! When you’re ready to embark on your patio renovation, let us help!

Step #1: Think about what you need.
Look carefully at the existing patio and what you can use and what needs to be overhauled. Make a few sketches or browse some of your favorite home design publications to get some inspiring ideas.

Step #2: Plant.
Adding greenery around the patio is key to enjoying the view! Start small and work your way up. Plant some greenery around the patio, as well as some colorful flowers that can brighten up the space.  If you have a space for some long-lasting greenery, plant some vines that can weave their way over a gate or garden trellis.

Step #3: Consult with our experienced team of door and window specialists.
A new, energy efficient door that allows you to step onto the patio is the final touch that will bring everything together. Patio doors are a very important detail and they can either make or break the patio remodel. Whether it’s a classic French door, folding doors, a moving wall system, or a simple sliding glass door replacement, our team at Lifetime Windows & Doors have the options that will perfectly suit your backyard patio. Perhaps you have the space to add a new window that overlooks your backyard. We can help with that too! We are proud carriers of Milgard and Simonton products and can install a window that fits the space.

We proudly carry a variety of brands and designs that will fit your budget and home’s style. Ready to get started in your project? We’re happy to provide free quotes on replacing your old doors with new ones that are energy efficient and insulated. We are proud to serve Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas, as well as Central Oregon and Southwest Washington. Contact us today to get an appointment scheduled so you can determine what new patio door options work for you.

Window Replacements and Warranties

If you’re investing in a window replacement for your Vancouver, WA home, you need to make sure your new windows have a warranty. Window warranties are there so you can feel confident in your window purchase in case the window breaks or doesn’t perform as it should. Read on to learn more about warranties, and what to look for when you’re shopping.   

First of all, you need a warranty for your new windows. Warranties are a guarantee from the manufacturer or service provider that, if the product falls short of a certain standard, you as a customer have the right to seek out replacement or repair at no cost. You never know what can happen with replacement windows, from poor installation to normal wear and tear. A warranty is the only way to ensure that the company will fix any problems that arise.   

Second, it’s important to remember that not all warranties are created equal. Some are for life, while other only last 10 years. Some warranties are only good for hardware, while others cover the entire window. When you’re shopping for your new windows, it’s just as important to ask questions about the warranty, as it is to ask questions about the windows themselves, so you know exactly what’s covered and what isn’t. The more information you get up front, the more prepared you will be if problems arise in the future. As your window supplier warranty questions like:  

  • How long is the warranty valid for?  
  • Does the warranty cover all parts of the replacement window?  
  • Does the warranty cover labor costs?   
  • Is it a full or limited warranty?  
  • How quickly will the company respond in the event of a problem?   
  • Is the warranty transferrable?   
  • Are there any exclusions?   

Also, don’t forget to read the fine print before signing a warranty contract. There are often loopholes that can be a big problem down the line. You should also be sure to get the answers to your questions or any special additions in writing, as the law does not honor verbal answers or warranties.   

It may feel uncomfortable to be so thorough with your supplier, but a trustworthy business should be understanding. It should be a big red flag if your supplier is reluctant to answer questions or put things in writing.   

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what’s included in your warranty, as long as it meets your personal standards and expectations. You need to be very clear on what is and what’s not in your replacement window warranty, so you’re not caught off guard if any issues arise.     

Do you have more questions about window warranties, or about Vancouver, WA window replacementLifetime Windows & Doors can help. Come pay us a visit at 5021 NE 94th Ave. Vancouver, WA 98662 to get your questions answered in person. You can also give us a call at (360) 726-6930 to schedule a consultation to get more general information about what we can do for you.  

Signs Your Home’s Aging Windows Should Be Replaced

Your windows don’t last forever. And they may be trying to tell you as much. Windows age over the course of time, and they often become less effective due to the conditions to which they’re subject. That means it is incumbent upon you and your family to keep and eye on them and assure they’re replaced in time. If you or someone you know is interested in replacement windows in or near Bend, OR, there are plenty of viable options that can address your home’s needs. You may wish to speak with an expert in order to determine whether it is indeed time to replace your windows. You may also wish to consult a designer if your home’s aesthetic is important to you. 


In the meantime, there are a few ways to ascertain whether or not you should be thinking about window replacement just yet. The first and most obvious question is the age of your current windows. They may have been installed before you moved into your current home. They may even be original to that home. If your windows are at least 20 years old, it may be time to begin thinking about installing new ones. You should at least take a closer look at them in order to determine whether or not there’s anything wrong. A closer look could reveal a number of problems that very well may be impacting your daily life (and energy bills). 


The first sign that your windows are too old is that it has become more difficult to open or close them. In addition to impacting the direct functionality of the window (your ability to use it when you wish), this could also be a sign that your windows are no longer insulating your home as effectively as they should. Another sign that this has become a problem is when you feel drafts of air coming from outside your home. Certain rooms may feel cooler or warmer than they should, and your windows may have something to do with that. When windows aren’t insulating your home effectively, that means that your home’s heating and air conditioning system may be working harder than it should. In turn, you may also notice a difference in the event that your energy bills have increased over the course of time. Old windows may have something to do with that. 


There are a few other things to look for, too. Your windows may be visually damaged due to outside evidence, and they may appear to be chipped as a result. You may even notice that inside furniture or carpet seems to have faded in color, a potential result of UV light that’s coming through older windows. And finally, your windows may have become harder to clean and maintain. Some parts may even have been discontinued. That’s probably a bad sign. 


If you are seriously interested in replacement windows in the Bend, OR, area, consider reaching out to Lifetime Windows & Doors. We take great pride in serving our customers in a professional fashion, and we look forward to addressing your home’s needs. You can visit us at 1091 SE Division St, Bend, OR 97702 or place a phone call to (541) 633-7868. 

What is the Energy Star Rating?

Energy Star is a government-backed symbol used to note energy efficiency. Energy Star products help protect the environment through energy conservation and at the same time, help save money. The purpose of the Energy Star label was to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful pollutants in the environment that are caused by inefficient energy use. In addition, the label helps people know which energy efficient products are available, allowing them to purchase the product knowing that it will save them money without sacrificing performance or quality.

In order to have a product meet the energy efficiency requirements, the Environmental Protection Agency has created some specifications based on several important standards. The product must be able to offer significant energy savings nationwide and the energy consumption and performance must be able to be measured and verified through tests. If the Energy Star product costs more than another product that is less efficient, the consumer should be able to recover the investment cost through decreased utility bills. There are several rankings on the label, including those from A to G. A is the most energy efficient and G is the least efficient. Energy Star scores are also used, numbered 1 to 100. A score of 75 or above means the product is a top performer.

Many appliances nowadays are certified as Energy Star certified products, but so are many of the windows and doors that we sell at Lifetime Windows and Doors. We proudly carry many different window styles and brands that will work with your home’s specific style.  We also have hundreds of different energy efficient door choices and can work on customizing them with different glass or window options. We carry doors from many different brands, including Therma Tru, Buffelen, Simonton, Masonite, Milgard, Codel Entry Systems, and Simpson!

We love serving the Pacific Northwest and are committed to energy conservation. We work with customers in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas, as well as Central Oregon and Southwest Washington. Whether you’re looking for new siding, new doors, or new windows to help make your home more beautiful while getting it more energy efficient at the same time, our experienced team at Lifetime Windows and Doors can help. Visit our specials page to see what our current specials are and contact us today for more information on our Energy Star products and we will answer your questions and help get an appointment set up!

Ways to Help Reduce Your Energy Costs

This time of year, utility bills tend to increase because the weather is colder and we’re inside more often! We use our heaters more and it gets dark sooner, so we turn on our lights for longer. This means our energy usage increases and we likely are looking for ways to keep those costs down. Here are some helpful tips.

Tip #1: Consider Upgrading Your Windows and Doors.  
Brrr! Drafty windows and doors leak amazing warm air to the outside, rather than keeping it inside! Not only will you be chilly, but you’ll be wasting energy by making your heating system work harder than it must. If your home has old, inefficient doors or windows, it may be time to consider replacing them for newer, energy efficient ones. This is a great choice, because it will keep you comfortable year-round, not just in the winter, but when the summer weather hits and you want to keep the cool, air-conditioned air inside.  We carry a variety of quality window and door products from Milgard, Simonton, ThermaTru, Simpson, and more! We will work with you on which product fits your space best and most importantly, we’ll work within your budget.

Tip #2: Keep Your Heating System Maintained.
This is something that people oftentimes forget to do, but it’s very important in helping to reduce your energy costs. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system will not only help ensure that all of the parts are working correctly, but you’ll also be sure that the system is working at its peak efficiency. Old heating systems or those that have not been taken care of regularly with routine cleanings and air filter changes, could be working a lot harder than they need to be, which drives your utility bill up even higher!

Tip #3: Replace Your Roof and Siding.
An old and leaky roof or cracked siding throughout your home could not only cause structural damage to your home, but it could also be causing air leakage, which is extremely inefficient. A new roof and updated siding will add curb appeal and instant value to your home. Even though the weather is cold, our team can work with you to get your roof and siding replaced so you’re ready to tackle the upcoming months of cold winter weather.

Tip #4: Unplug.
Unplug unused electronics or other small appliances that are not being used regularly. This may sound like something small, but it can translate to big savings at the end of the year. Video game consoles, microwaves, and battery chargers are just some of the things that can be unplugged when not in use.

Conserving energy is not just great on your wallet, but it’s good for the environment, too. As you head into 2018 and are looking to make some resolutions for the new year, contact us for information on getting new windows, roofing, doors, or doors installed in your home. You’ll notice a big difference!

Window Contractor Scams – How to Spot Them


The seasons are changing – autumn is here and this is a popular time for scammers going through neighborhoods offering seasonal services to homeowners. Whether it is a window installation job, window repair, leaf raking, or window washing, there are people out there that will promise to do a great job, take your money, and then never deliver the service. Here are some ways to spot window contractor scams in Portland.

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