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Take a look at our specials!

We offer a coupon whenever we can (which is most of the time), so keep checking back if you are considering a window, roof, door, or even a siding job.

We love generating excitement about our services, and this is just one way to spark that flame. We’ve offered everything from a percentage discount on windows to free gutters with a roof replacement. Take a look below to see what is available!

Energy Trust of Oregon

Do not forget that we work directly with the Energy Trust of Oregon. The Energy Trust of Oregon is a nonprofit organization devoted to encouraging sustainable energy conservation and production. They offer incentives that encourage our customers to be as energy conscious as possible. In fact, they offer cash incentives for consumers who upgrade their homes to certain standards. We will work with you to ensure that your home is as efficient as possible and if possible we will try to qualify you to receive cash from the Energy Trust of Oregon. Note that they will cut you a check, they do not offer a tax break – they give you money to spend on fun stuff.

Free Estimates

Give us a call and one of our talented design consultants will come by and give you a free in-home estimate. We will need to get an overview of what your home needs, including taking measurements, discussing materials and brands, and even looking for any potential trouble spots we may encounter during the installation. Once this phase is past, we will send our installation representative to get into the nitty gritty.

Our Estimators

Our estimators are full-time employees, as are most of our workers. We all care about delivering the very best services to you and your family. In fact, we love the environment of open communication we foster with our clients. We treat your home with respect, close up the job securely at the end of each day, and make sure our employees are courteous on-site while they work, break, eat and go about their day on the job site. Each customer is special to us, whether you need a roof, a window, door, or siding. Call us today!