Window Features and How They Work

Every day, we have the honor of working with customers of all kinds looking to replace their windows in their home or commercial space. Whether it’s a large office space, or a home that is being remodeled, there are plenty of window options out there that have great benefits. Here are some important window features and how they can work for you.

Beautiful, natural light is something that we crave as humans. Windows that are placed strategically to maximize outside views will benefit your home and your state of mind! Whether it’s a big picture window to welcome the daylight in your living room, or a skylight or small window in a bedroom that brings the outside in, windows have the unique ability to bring in the light.

Privacy windows are a great option for spaces that still want light and air but want the option of enhanced privacy. These types of windows are available through custom ordering with obscured glass to ensure you have the privacy you want. These are especially popular in bathrooms.

Do you want your home to be a peaceful oasis? Do you want your office kept as distraction-free as possible? Keeping outside noise out is the ticket! New windows can help with just that. Whether it is cars traveling by on a busy road or keeping rain sounds minimized on a stormy fall or winter day, new, insulated windows have foam spacers and laminated glass to keep your office or home quieter.

New windows in your kitchen or bathroom are a great way to enhance ventilation. There are a variety of window options that are easy to open! Some include those that slide horizontally, or those that swing into the room or out. Casement and awning windows are hinged options that can be opened for ventilation with a simple crank, no matter what the weather’s doing outside.

We’re heading into the winter months! It’s a great time to replace your windows! Our team of window experts will replace your windows quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy them all year long! Contact us today to learn more about our winter special and to set up your free estimate!

New Windows, Old House

There are many stunning historic homes around the Pacific Northwest. They each tell a story and have unique character to them. Many of these homes have original windows. If these doors or windows are more than 50 years old, they are probably single-paned and very drafty. That means they have a hard time keeping out cold and hot air. Here are some things to consider when replacing windows in your older home.

#1: You’ll save energy with new windows.
Modern windows often have double or triple-paned glass, which offers incredible energy efficiency. You will notice a huge difference between your old windows and new ones – not just in the lack of draftiness in the home, but also in your utility bill. Not to mention, new windows provide a greater sound barrier than older windows do, so your home will be even more quiet.

#2: You won’t have to sacrifice charm.
There are a variety of new window options out there that will help you maintain the unique character of your historic home. Our experienced team at Lifetime Windows and Doors can help you determine some of the best options that align with your home’s era and find replacement options within your budget.

#3: You can customize your selections.
Whether it’s new windows or new exterior doors, there are customizable options available. That opens up a new world of possibility for getting things replaced exactly to your liking. Another thing to consider is that your current old windows may be difficult to open or may not open at all. New windows have different options to make them more functional! Some options include horizontal sliders, single or double-hung windows, bay windows, or even decorative windows with decorative glass.

Whether it’s new vinyl windows, wood windows, or something else, there are plenty of options to upgrade your windows while keeping the historic character of your home.  No matter how old your home is, our experts will help you explore your options. We’ve been working on homes around the Northwest for over two decades! We have the experience you can count on to get the job done right. Call us today to get your free quote set up.

Signs You Need New Exterior Doors

Have you lived in your home a long time? Does your home need a refresh? Perhaps you want to upgrade your newly purchased home. Look closely at your exterior doors. Think about replacing them during your home remodeling project. Not sure you need a new one? Here are some signs that they need replacement.

#1: Visible wear and tear.
Your doors play a big role – they provide protection from the elements and act as a barrier to intruders. Over time, your doors will become worn. If there are dents, chips, cracks, or other visible problems with the door that can’t be fixed, consider replacing it with a new, energy-efficient door.

#2: There are drafts.
When was the last time you replaced your doors? Chances are, if your door is decades old, it isn’t as energy efficient as it could be. Perhaps there are drafts or gaps coming from underneath it. This allows outside air in and causes your home’s heating and cooling system to work harder. This translates to wasted energy and higher utility bills. New doors today operate with extreme efficiency.

#3: Damage.
Does your door have difficulty locking? Maybe it’s a challenge to open or close the door. This kind of damage is hard to fix and sometimes, it simply isn’t possible. That’s when you’ll need to consider a door replacement.

There are a lot of different benefits to replacing your exterior doors. New doors provide great curb appeal! And in addition to improved functionality, new doors are a great investment that can reap good returns. Not to mention, you can rest comfortably knowing your door is able to help keep you secure.

There are a variety of different door styles to explore. So, whether it’s a simple back door or a custom front entryway door, our team at Lifetime Windows and Doors has the experience you can trust. We’ve been serving customers locally for over 20 years. Contact us today to get your project started!

Remodeling Trends to Watch

Thinking about remodeling this year? With tax season approaching, many homeowners may be looking to use some of their tax return to invest in home improvement projects. Every year, there are a lot of different trends in home renovations. Here are some popular trends happening already this year to keep an eye on.

Natural Light:
This trend never goes out of style. Natural light brings out the natural beauty of your home. Not only that, but more light exposure can also boost your state of mind and create a more positive atmosphere inside the home. Consider adding skylights or replacing your windows for larger ones to bring in more of that gorgeous Pacific Northwest sun.

Spacious Windows:
A big, expansive piece of glass makes a big impression in any room. Whether it’s a new sliding glass door, a large picture window, or a moving glass wall, there are many different options for homes of all styles! Our team of experts at Lifetime Windows and Doors can advise you on which options you have for your specific space.

Expanding Outdoor Space:
People are spending more and more time at home these days. So, expanding the outside living space is a great idea! When you’re thinking about your home improvement project, consider your exterior! So whether it’s a new siding project, upgrading your roof, or adding a new sliding door that brings you out to your porch, patio, or deck, maximizing outdoor livability is key.

Classic Window Frames:
How old are the windows in your home? If they are decades old, they are likely not energy efficient and could be costing you money in wasted energy. Replacement windows are a great investment for your home. Some of the most popular window trends recently have been new windows with black frames and those with natural wood trim. Both options are classic, but casual, allowing them to work with modern, traditional, or contemporary home designs.

Since 1998, we’ve been helping customers with their home improvement projects! So, contact us today to get information on window or door replacement, siding, or roofing updates! We look forward to working with you to make your home exactly how you want it.

Tips for Renovating Your Home Office

With the pandemic changing how we conduct business and regular ‘work life’, many people have changed their routines and continue to work from home. Because you’re spending more time at home in your office, ensuring that it’s comfortable and functional is important. Trying to figure out ways to make your office fit your new work-from-home lifestyle? Here are some tips.

#1: Personalize it.
Your home should be a calm space where you can relax and be yourself. Personalizing your space is one way to express your personality and your unique tastes. Whether you prefer more modern décor, or a mix of retro and traditional, there is really no right or wrong when it comes to making your home what you want it to be. After all – it’s yours! Personalize your home office with whatever is meaningful to you. Family heirlooms, photos of past trips,  souvenirs you’ve saved from life, or a comfortable chair that you found at a thrift store a few years ago – design it in a way that inspires you.

#2: Bring in the light.
This last year has been a whirlwind of emotions. That’s why bringing in as much mood-boosting light as you can is key. Consider adding a new skylight to your office space. Does your office have small, outdated windows that are old and energy inefficient? Consider replacing your windows with new, energy efficient ones. New windows will add a greater amount of light to your workspace and make it more cheerful. Not to mention, new windows save energy, which helps cut costs on your utility bill.

#3: Add a door.
Not every home can add a new door that leads to the outside space. But if your space allows, consider how you can add this into your renovation. This is an affordable way to add access to your exterior living space and it also helps bring in fresh air and light! Whether it’s a French door, sliding patio door, or a custom door that is crafted specifically for your space, we can help find the right exterior door for your home.

Our team of experts at Lifetime Windows and Doors can help you get your home updated to be exactly how you envisioned it. So contact us today for a free estimate on your window, door, siding, or roofing replacement project!

Why Fall Is a Great Time to Replace Your Windows

Spring and summer are popular times for Oregon and Washington homeowners to prioritize and work on their home improvement projects. But autumn in the Pacific Northwest is a great time to continue wrapping up those home to-dos, too. Thinking about getting new windows installed in your home? Here’s why fall is a great time to do that.

#1: Beautiful weather.
Fall in this part of the country brings beautiful, crisp weather. That’s why it’s a great time to consider your window replacement during the autumn. The weather isn’t too hot and isn’t too cold, which makes it perfect for our installation team to work outside. It’s also not too inconvenient or uncomfortable for homeowners, who will have their windows open and exposed to the elements.

#2: You will stay ahead of cold winter weather.
Winter in our area is cold and wet. Having old windows that are cracked or simply lack the energy efficiency you need could create uncomfortable cold spots in your home. Getting ready for winter means replacing your windows with quality-made, energy efficient windows that will seal warm air in and keep cold air out. So, it’s best to get ready for cold weather during the fall.

#3: You’ll get to enjoy the view.
Autumn in the Northwest: there is nothing like it. There is a little bit of everything — sunny days and crisp evenings, falling leaves, and the changing colors on the trees and shrubbery. With new windows, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the outside view, knowing that you’re doing your part in helping the environment with Energy Star® rated windows in your home.

#3: You can save money.
Right now, we have some great promotions happening! Save up to $350 each installed window with a 5-window minimum. And, we are also offering zero down, zero interest, and zero payments until 2021.

Ready to start your window installation project? Contact our experienced team at Lifetime Windows and Doors to schedule an appointment.

Summer Window Weatherizing Tips

August is here and the hot weather will be here for the foreseeable future. Did you know that weatherizing your windows could help keep you cooler this month? It can also help increase energy efficiency, which can save money on your monthly utility bill. Here are some helpful window weatherization tips.

#1: Check your windows regularly.
Homeowners have various home maintenance tasks to keep up with. Checking your windows is one of them. Look for any chips or cracks and ensure that there are no issues with sealing. If you spot anything, make sure they are fixed right away. This will help prevent damage to the outside structure of your home and it could save you money on a costly window repair or replacement later down the road.

#2: Caulk windows.
Windows that leak air in and out can cost you big money. Windows are one of the primary places that air is lost, so caulk well around the seams.

#3: Utilize shades and fans.
Window coverings will help block hot incoming sun and work with your AC system to keep your home cool and comfortable this August. Keep blinds or curtains closed at the hottest and sunniest parts of the day so the temperatures inside can stay balanced.

#4: Replace old windows.
If the windows in your home are decades old, chances are, they are inefficient. We offer free quotes on replacing your outdated windows! New windows are EnergyStar® rated and insulated. Many windows use glass made of high efficiency low-E coatings which can reduce the amount of heat that is transmitted through your windows. And it will also help protect you from ultraviolet rays.

Ready to get your window replacement project started? We proudly carry and install Simonton and Milgard products and can help you find the right windows for your budget. We serve Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas, as well as Central Oregon and Southwest Washington.  We are currently offering a variety of specials, so visit our specials page to see what our deals are available, then contact us today to get your free consultation scheduled.

5 Signs You Need Your Windows Replaced

Replacing the windows in your home is an investment that will reap big rewards. New windows can make your home quieter, more energy efficient, and more beautiful. If you are unsure if new windows are right for your home, here are some signs that you need to replace them.

#1: You can feel drafts.
Your home’s heating and air conditioning costs account for a significant amount of money each year. But did you know that up to 25% of that heated or cooled air can escape your windows? If you stand near your windows and feel a draft, your windows may need to be replaced. New windows are designed for maximum energy efficiency and can keep your home’s temperature even and comfortable.

#2: The windows are old.
If the windows in your home are decades old, they could be original to the house. Windows that are 20 to 30 years old are likely crafted with only single pane glass. These windows also may not be made to help keep UV rays out of your home, which can damage furniture, carpets, and more. New windows can keep your home protected, quiet, and they’ll help save energy in the long run. That not only helps your bank account, but you’ll be doing something great to help the environment, too.

#3: They’re difficult to open.
If you have older wood windows, the painted frames may make it difficult to open windows. Aluminum windows can also swell during temperature changes, which can make them harder to open. If they won’t open at all, it may be time to consider replacing them. It’s important to have windows that open and close easily in your home – not only for fresh air, but for safety, in the event that you ever need to exit a window in case of an emergency.

#4: They don’t keep noise out.
When your windows are closed, can you hear outside noise clearly? New windows can dramatically decrease the amount of outside noise you hear. This is especially noticeable if you live on a busy street, near an airport or train, or by a sidewalk that gets a lot of foot traffic.

Your home reflects you – your style and your unique personality. Choosing new windows that help create the type of look you want will add to the aesthetics of your home, creating even greater curb appeal! Replacement windows also offer great return on investment. So, if you are planning on selling your home in the next few years, it will be a huge selling point.

If you are ready to get started, you can feel confident in our team of experienced professionals at Lifetime Windows and Doors. We proudly carry Milgard Windows and Doors, as well as Simonton Windows and Doors products. These are top quality brands that create products that withstand the test of time. Contact us today for a free ‘no contact’ virtual quote, or to learn more about our promotions and other details that can help make the project more affordable.

Spring Energy Savings Tips

Springtime is here! With the current health crisis around the world, most of us are homebound more often and many of us are trying to find ways to cut energy costs. Saving money is important and that means you will need to look for ways to curb your energy usage. Here are some tips.

Tip #1: Keep your heating and cooling system maintained.
This is an important homeowner to-do. However, keeping your system tuned up will help you save significant energy through the year. Regular maintenance by a team of heating and cooling specialists will ensure that all the internal components are working correctly. In addition, they will look at the energy consumption of the machine and make sure it’s working at peak efficiency. Old heating systems, or those that have not been tuned up regularly, tend to work a lot harder than they have to. This causes the system to work harder, which puts unnecessary strain on the machine. And, it also drives your utility bills up.

Tip #2: Replace your doors and windows.
Does your home have drafty doors or windows? Chilly air can make its way through them, which wastes energy and causes your heating system to work harder. If your home’s windows or doors are decades old, chances are, they are not energy efficient. Consider replacing them with new, EnergyStar® rated products! This is a great choice that will help keep you comfortable year-round and help reduce energy costs. We carry a variety of quality window and door products from Milgard, Simonton, ThermaTru, Simpson, and more! We will work with you on which product fits your space best and most importantly, we’ll work within your budget.

Tip #3: Unplug products that you’re not using.
If you are not using certain electronics or appliances, there is no need to keep them plugged in. This is a small thing to remember that can translate to saved money at the end of the year. Battery chargers, microwaves, toasters, and video game consoles are just some of the things you can unplug. So, walk around your house and determine which things you can unplug when not in use.

Conserving energy is not only great for your checking account, but it’s also great for the environment. As you head into the rest of springtime, let us help with those home improvement projects that can help reduce energy waste while keeping you comfortable all year long. We are open as an essential business helping homeowners around the Northwest get their home improvement projects completed. We are taking every precaution to stay safe and healthy. So, contact our team at Lifetime Windows and Doors for information on getting new windows and doors installed in your home. You’ll notice a big difference right away!


The Importance of Windows and Natural Light

Have you ever been inside a space that lacked windows or natural light? How did it make you feel? It likely felt dark and maybe even a little grim knowing that you didn’t have a peek into the outside world. It’s a fact that humans need natural light to function.  That’s why having enough windows in your home is incredibly important.

Now that spring is here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ll have more sun outside. How are the windows in your home? Are they old, leaking cold air in? Maybe you don’t have enough windows in your home, and you need to add more while you replace the old ones. We can help! Here are some reasons how natural light can benefit you in your day to day life – both physically and mentally.

#1: Natural light can help increase your productivity.
Artificial light versus natural light: which one do you work better in? Studies show that people that work in or around natural light are more productive than those that work under artificial lighting. Windows bring in the light that tells the body that it’s daytime and that it’s time to get up and start work, chores, school, or other physical activities.

#2: Natural light gives us vitamin D.
Without vitamin D, our bodies simply would not function at their peak. Vitamin D is absorbed through the skin (as well as through food). This vitamin helps bolster your nerve, muscle, and immune system. This makes you healthier year-round. Lack of vitamin D can cause serious bone diseases and other health problems. So, having enough windows in your home to bring in natural light and soak in the sun will help you stay healthier.

#3: Natural light is good for your mental health.
During the winter, the days are shorter and darker. It’s usually rainier and colder and we simply don’t have the same amount of natural light that we do in the spring and summer months. The cold, dark months for months on end can increase depression in some people, too. There are countless studies that show that natural light – even simply sitting in front of a sunny window in your home on a regular basis – can help boost your mental state and bring you out of a depressive funk. Windows around your home will bring you and your family to a more positive and happy mental state.

So, what are you waiting for? Spring is the perfect time to get your old, inefficient windows replaced. These will provide the natural light you need to benefit health-wise, all the while adding value and beauty to your home. Whether it’s Simonton or Milgard windows you choose, we have a range of energy efficient windows that will fit your home’s style and most importantly, your budget! We are open as an essential business. We’re helping homeowners around the Northwest get their home improvement projects completed. We are taking every precaution to stay safe and healthy throughout every project. So, contact our team at Lifetime Windows and Doors today.  We will get you the information you need to get your window replacement project started!