How to Prepare Your Home for Fall Weather

Fall in the Pacific Northwest is one of the best times of year! The leaves are changing beautifully. The weather is crisp and cool and the sun is out! Now that autumn is here, there are a couple of important tips to help get your home ready for season. Tip #1: Don’t ignore energy inefficiency. […]

Common Window Problems and Their Solutions

You won’t know if you need replacement windows Vancouver, WA until you test your windows. There are problems that can be fixed and problems that you absolutely can’t repair on your own. Sometimes, the entire window needs to be replaced. The good news is that you can spot common window problems early if you pay […]

Reasons for Avoiding DIY Window Installation

Whether it’s installing a dishwasher or working on a larger home renovation project, do it yourself (DIY) projects are everywhere. It’s tempting to take on some of these projects to save money. But, when it comes to projects like window replacement, it’s not a good idea to do it yourself. Here are some of the […]

Quick Tips for Designing Your Children’s Bedroom

The perfect Portland, OR window replacement in your children’s bedroom can give the room extra charm. Every little boy and girl dreams of living in the perfect bedroom. School and life are stressful, especially if you are a little kid. Here are a few design tips you tryout. Be Simple Simplicity is admirable when it […]

How Natural Light Impacts Your Mood

We’ve all heard that poor lighting could cause eye damage or give you a headache from eye strain over time. But did you know that absence of natural light will also impact your mood and overall physical health? The lack of natural light has been found to contribute to depression as well as vitamin D […]

Summer Decorating Tips for Your Living Room

Interior design includes replacement windows Bend, OR. You can’t have an amazing living room without paying attention to your windows. It’s the only way to make your home appear cohesive. Your windows are critical to your home’s ultimate appeal. Summer design is about lightness and freshness. The heavy, somber colors that worked so well in […]