asking a Portland roofer about diy roof replacements - they all say hire a professional

If your roof has seen better days, it might be tempting to tackle the roof replacement project yourself. With do-it-yourself (DIY) videos and tutorials for just about every home improvement project online nowadays, you might think it’s easy enough to do and could save money. So, should you DIY your roof replacement? We don’t think so. While DIY is great for many projects around the house, it can turn into a real disaster for more complicated projects like roof replacements.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your roof replacement project:

Roofing Can Be Very Dangerous

Roofing accidents happen all the time – especially for inexperienced people who don’t have the proper gear or tools. Installing a roof is dangerous work, even for roofing contractors. However, experience and the right equipment minimizes that risk and ensures you get your roof installed safely, accurately, and on-time.

This is especially important if your roof has significant damage such as cracks, leaks, or buckling ceilings. Only professional roofers should tackle jobs like that.

It’s Easy to Miss Potential Roofing Problems

If you’re tempted to simply shingle over your existing roof, think again. While this might help bolster your home’s curb appeal, you might be ignoring potential problem spots underneath the shingles.

This is where water damage creeps in, which could cause mold or dry rot, or even structural damage. Working with professional roofers gives you the peace of mind that everything is fixed and installed, so your roof can easily protect you and your home for the next several decades.

DIY Roofing Projects Don’t Come with Warranties

Roofing material manufacturers don’t guarantee materials unless they’re installed by licensed professionals. So, if you attempt a DIY roof replacement, you will likely forfeit guarantees and warranties that come with the roofing materials. That means, if something goes wrong in the future and you need to repair or replace the roof again, you will probably have to pay more out of pocket. This can be extremely expensive.

Roof Replacement Cost Analysis

If you’re weighing the pros and cons of DIY roof replacement, consider the upside. You may be able to successfully complete the project on your own and save some money. However, you’re introducing considerable risk to your home and the possibility that you’ll pay much more later.

On the other hand, when you hire a professional roofer, the job will be completed properly, and your new roof will add style, beauty, and protection to your home. Yes, a quality roof can be expensive, but it’s absolutely a home improvement project worth investing in.

Schedule a Professional Roof Replacement Today

DIY roofing is not a good idea for most people. It’s labor intensive, detail oriented, and dangerous. Simply put, professionals have the skills and experience needed to do a great job.

Save time and money by calling the team at Lifetime Windows and Doors and learn about our expertise in roof replacements. You can trust your home to our licensed roofers.

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