How to Prepare Your Roof for Fall

We’ve already had a rainy September and looking ahead, we will likely have more breezy, wet days. Now is the best time to prepare your home – and your roof – for the fall. Here are some tips on how to do that. #1: Clean the gutters out. If leaves and other debris are let […]

Creative Living Room Design Ideas

When you get home after a long day, the living room is often the spot where you want to kick back and relax for a while. This is probably one of your most comfortable rooms and ensuring that it is designed not only for comfort, but functionality too, is important. Whether you’re looking for some […]

Is Your Patio Ready for Patio Season?

The Pacific Northwest is known for the rain, but when springtime weather starts, it means longer days and sunnier weather! Now is the perfect time to spruce up your patio space so you can enjoy the time outside. Here are some great ways to get your patio ready for patio season. Tip #1: Pressure wash […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Installation

If you’re considering updating your home with new windows, you likely have several questions about what the process looks like. Window installation is generally a straightforward process, especially for our team of experienced installers at Lifetime Windows & Doors. We have experience working on homes of various sizes and styles and no matter what your […]

Why You Should Start Planning Your Window Renovation Now

  Your home is a special place and keeping it clean, updated, and functioning well is important. Budgeting for home improvement projects is part of being a homeowner, and most of the time, these projects are well worth the investment. How do you know if your home needs new windows? If you’ve noticed that your […]

What’s the Best Time of Year to Replace My Windows?

  Replacing your home windows is a big decision and requires some budget planning and research. You’ll need to decide which styles and designs you prefer, too. New windows or replacement windows are a wonderful investment, especially if the windows in your home now are drafty or old. Replacing your windows with energy efficient double […]