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For those who are thinking about retiring or have recently retired, thinking about what you’ll need as you get older is important. Many people want to continue to enjoy their home and the idea of moving into a retirement community or assisted living center is not appealing. That’s why it is critical to look closely at your home and consider its comfort and accessibility for the long term. If you plan to age in place, keep this design checklist in mind.  

Update Windows

As you age in place, it’s important to update your windows and doors to ensure they are energy-efficient and easy to open and close. For example, if your windows are old and difficult to open, they may get harder to open if your muscles weaken or if the windows deteriorate with moisture or continued exposure to the outside elements. Consider adding casement windows that have cranking handles, as they are some of the easiest types of windows to open and close. 

Consider Accessibility 

Make sure your door entryways are wide enough so you can get wheelchairs, crutches, or walkers in and out without a problem. Also, look closely at your entryways or thresholds to make sure there are no obstacles or difficult transitions. This will help prevent falls or trips.  

Maximize your Indoor-Outdoor Space 

Oregon and Washington are wonderful places to enjoy life – especially as you age in place. To get the most out of your space, consider adding a moving glass wall system or a large patio door that introduces fresh air and sunlight to your home. Even if you struggle with mobility at some point down the road, with a setup like this, you’ll be able to get outside or sit nearby and enjoy the scenery in your neighborhood or yard.

Planning for a remodel, or an addition to your home, or do you simply want to update a few things around your home to accommodate yourself as you get older? Using top-quality products that stand the test of time and installing them with a skilled team of contractors is key. Lifetime Windows and Doors has the experience you can trust with your aging-in-place projects. Our 25 years of serving Pacific Northwest homeowners speaks for itself. 

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