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Open a new door. Whether you need exterior, main entry, or patio doors, we have options for you. Beautiful, efficient, functional—what will you dream of next?

When you start selecting the door style, material, and brand for your home, you will soon discover a near-infinite number of choices. With so many options to pick from, it can be challenging to find the right fit for your unique vision. Knowing about the different home door styles can help you find which option best suits your aesthetic, lifestyle, and goals.

To help you create a design you love, here are the most popular interior and exterior door styles and who they are best for.

Your Local Interior and Exterior Door Style Experts

Sliding door installation by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


A great sliding door will glide open to provide easy passage in or out of your home. They are available in a traditional or French style and are great for smaller spaces that don’t have room for a door with a wide swing. By drawing in natural light and framing your landscape, they will make your home feel larger and more inviting.


The right patio doors can make a huge difference for your Pacific Northwest home. They offer a casual passage from the house to the outdoors and illuminate your space with natural light. Whether you are looking for a sliding door or a set of French doors for your patio, our manufacturers can create a personalized solution for you. There are dozens of style options to choose from.

French door installation by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


French doors are an easy way to transmit light throughout your home without reducing your sense of space. They can slide or hinge, and can open either into the room or out. French doors can also be used inside of your home to elegantly separate your space. At Lifetime Windows & Doors, we carry both interior and exterior French doors for every style of home and budget.

Folding door installation by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


Folding doors provide a beautiful geometric design as they glide open or closed along an accordion track. They are often used as patio doors and can include up to ten panels of glass, with those large installations including a hinged door for year-round use.

An open moving glass wall in an upscale residence leading outside to a grassy field


Moving glass wall systems blur the line between your home and the gorgeous landscape outside. They slide into a pocket in the wall to remain hidden away until you want to re-seal the space. Glass walls work particularly well as an entry to your patio or backyard.

Elegant Front Door


Entry doors are a centerpiece for what your home is. The right front doors can make a statement and provide a memorable experience as you welcome your guests. These standard hinged doors can be customized with an array of glass, material, and additional windows options.

Choosing a front door can be particularly challenging, as you want to select an option that suits your aesthetic, fits your architectural style, and is fully secure. If you want to upgrade your entryway, the experts at Lifetime Windows & Doors can help. We will help you create the perfect design and ensure that you have a smile on your face when you walk into your home.

Your Local Door Style Experts

When it comes to upgrading your home with beautiful and functional doors, you can count on the experts at Lifetime Windows & Doors. Since 1998, our skilled craftsmen have been dedicated to serving homeowners across Oregon, delivering exceptional workmanship at transparent prices. We can help you choose the perfect door style for your goals, and we also provide excellent installation services. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so expect fast and friendly service with long-lasting results. Contact us now and receive your free quote!