Door brands installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR

We take pride in the quality and variety of our manufacturers: expert craftspeople who perfect materials in order to meet the demands of form and function.

Milgard Windows & Doors logo

Milgard Doors for Your Home:

Milgard is a local Oregon window and door manufacturer and is one of the few companies with a fiberglass line. Milgard also makes specialty vinyl, wood-clad and aluminum windows. Milgard carries swinging French doors that can swing in or out. Their units offer a great deal of efficiency, and you can choose among wood, vinyl, fiberglass or wood-clad fiberglass. Their wood doors come in either a light pine or a darker Douglas fir. Choose from a variety of paints or paint the door yourself. Milgard patio doors come in fiberglass, vinyl and wood-clad fiberglass to suit your personality and budget. They have varieties that swing in and out, and some with only one hinged panel. If your doors will be exposed to the elements without the benefit of an awning, we recommend fiberglass doors, as that material has been time tested on ocean-going vessels.

Simpson Doors for Your Home:

Simpson Doors creates a wide range of wooden doors in styles built to inspire. They can design a custom door just for you (size limit is 6 feet wide by 10 feet tall), allowing the door in your imagination to become a reality. If you want a stately wooden door, Simpson is the brand for you. Their standard catalog is something to behold, featuring a wide range of styles, sizes and aesthetics. If you have something special in mind, they can custom design a door for you.

Simonton Windows & Doors logo

Simonton Doors for Your Home:

Simonton carries Lumera fiberglass French doors in a variety of styles, including mini blinds in the glass, different exterior styles, privacy glass and more. They offer triple-paned glass and laminated glass. Triple-paned glass will help to cut your power bill, whereas laminated glass offers greater security in case of accident, plus it can reduce outside noise.

Codel entry systems logo

Codel Entry Systems:

Codel is a leading Pacific Northwest fabricator and distributor of pre-hung steel and fiberglass entry door systems. Codel doors come in either fiberglass or steel and are made to last. Both materials are impervious to weather, insects and the wear and tear of time. Add to this extra security, particularly with steel models. Many feature intricately beveled glass, and their fiberglass doors are lightweight but strong as nails. Codel offers a wide variety of patio door systems. They will provide the light of a traditional French or patio door without the concern of the doors blowing open during a gusty evening in spring. Their systems include handsomely designed doors and a retractable screen in either white or bronze. Some have a fixed-pane window atop the two vertical door panels, and they offer a variety of glass-panel designs. You can have a door designed in a grid system (though one solid pane of glass) or you might prefer a single open pane with unbroken light all year around.

Buffelen door logo

Buffelen Wood Doors

With over 100 years of experience making custom doors, Buffelen is the first choice for the entryways in any fine home. Whether you’re searching for the classic look of natural wood, the durability of impact-rated materials or the security that comes with fire-rated models, look no further than the craftsmen and woman at Buffelen.

Therma-tru doors logo


Therma Tru is one of the nation’s leading manufacturer of fiberglass and steel exterior door systems, Since their beginning in 1962, Therma-Tru Doors has been revolutionizing the home improvement industry with our innovations and technologies in door systems. Improving millions of homes across the country with their wood-grain lines of Classic-Craft® Oak, Mahogany, Rustic and American Style Collections™, Fiber-Classic® and Smooth-Star® fiberglass doors, and patio door selections.