sliding glass doors and moving wall systems

Moving glass walls are a stunning way to open up your space and elevate your home’s aesthetic. With floor-to-ceiling glass panels that glide open with ease, these walls will let in an abundance of natural light while blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor areas.

Whether you’re looking to open your home up to a patio or simply want to add a touch of elegance and excitement to your space, the experts at Lifetime Windows & Doors can help bring your vision to life. Having served homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 24 years, our team is prepared to create a breathtaking custom moving glass wall that is perfectly suited to your unique style.

Why Install a Sliding Glass Wall in Your Home?

In addition to adding a sense of luxury to your space, moving glass walls deliver a lot of functionality that can simplify daily life. Sliding glass walls offer a number of great advantages, including:

  • More natural light and fresh air
  • Convenient entryway to your home
  • Larger living and entertainment space
  • Beautifully framed views
  • Increased property value
  • Lowered utility bills

Types of Moving Glass Wall Systems

When designing your moving glass wall, it’s important to consider how the doors will look in motion. The system type you choose will determine how the panels glide together, which will impact the look and functionality of your final design. To help you decide which option is best for your space and style, here’s an overview of the main types of moving glass wall systems:

  • Stacking glass systems are great for homeowners who want an open and seamless look that offers a modern touch. As you open the door, the glass panels will “stack” behind one another to widen your entrance and create gorgeous clean lines. 
  • Pocket glass systems use panels that tuck away into hidden wall pockets. The glass will be completely hidden when the door is open, leading to a very spacious feel that blends your interior with the surrounding landscape. 
  • Bi-fold systems can add a bit of geometric excitement to your design. These systems use glass panels that fold against one another, resulting in a beautiful zig-zag pattern that highlights your view and offers easy access to the outdoors. 

Quality Materials for Superior Results

When it comes to sliding glass walls, quality products are key. Poor materials will not only detract from the appearance of your final product, but they could also reduce functionality and durability. Especially here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, the last thing you want to deal with is a leaky, foggy, or moldy glass wall because of inferior materials. That’s why at Lifetime Windows & Doors, we are proud to use the best products on the market for all of our moving glass wall projects. Our quality materials will not only look wonderful, but they will keep your home perfectly protected for years to come.

Moving Glass Wall Design & Installation Services

If you want to transform your space with a gorgeous sliding glass wall system, you can count on Lifetime Windows & Doors to get the job done beautifully. With over 24 years of experience, we know what it takes to deliver exceptional workmanship that is built to last. Our team is committed to delivering stunning results that are tailored to your unique space and style. To get started on your moving glass wall project, call us today to get your free estimate!