Finding the right replacement door and replacement windows Hillsboro, OR, can be difficult for you. There are different replacement door types such as fiberglass doors, vinyl doors, and storm doors. But, what’s a storm door? A door to protect your home from the storm?  

In this article, we will define everything you need to know about storm doors.  

What is a Storm Door? 

A storm door may sound like something to protect you from the harshest weather. But, it is actually much simpler. A storm door acts as a secondary barrier to your entry door. It is usually made a with rectangular door frame with glass panels. A storm door makes up the majority of the door.  

A storm door is backed with insulating foam material within the frame. Aluminum is the best material resistant to weathering. Also, storm doors can be made of fiberglass, vinyl, and wood. Most importantly, you can customize the glass panels depending on your needs and preferences.  

Benefits of a Storm Door 

Here are some of the key benefits of a storm door: 

  • Improved insulation: A storm door can improve the insulation of your home, which is one of the biggest advantages. As a storm door adds another barrier to your home, it can provide insulation. With more insulation, you can make your home warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer.  
  • Proper ventilation: Are you looking for ways to ventilate your home? The best solution is to install a storm door with screens. It can let the fresh air in and allow you to ventilate. Fresh air can result in many health benefits such as a strong immune system.  
  • Added security: A storm door can provide an additional layer of security. It functions as an entry door with standard door locks. So, it is the best way to add a protective layer to your home. As a result, it becomes difficult for intruders to enter your home.  
  • Enhanced aesthetics: Aesthetic value is another great benefit of a storm door. It is made of large panels to make your home more appealing. If you want to bring the outside in, a storm door is a perfect choice.  

Drawbacks of a Storm Door 

Some of the drawbacks include: 

  • Added cost: Cost is one of the major drawbacks of a storm door. It can cost you anywhere between $200 and $1,000. Although this cost is less than the cost of a typical entry door, it is still not cheap.  
  • Less privacy: A storm door can allow more natural light and fresh air. But, it can have a major drawback in terms of privacy. When you want to open your windows and doors to let fresh air in, be aware of what is outside.  

Regardless of the drawbacks, a storm door might be an ideal choice for your home because it improves insulation, adds security, and enhances aesthetic value. An expert window and door contractor can help you choose the right door and replacement windows Hillsboro, OR, for your home. 

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