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Home Window Styles


Window Styles for Your Home

We can mix and match looks and will even help you design custom windows. We offer a full line of window styles for you to browse.

Choose from double- or triple-paned glass or add a state-of-the-art coating to protect from the sun’s rays. Once your new windows are installed, you’re bound to see an improvement on your power bill.

Picture Windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


Picture windows are “fixed” or non-opening windows that allow light into the room.  Because they have no moving parts, they are the most energy efficient and secure. Picture windows are typically rectangular, but they can be specially shaped for any space.

Horizontal sliders installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


If you have a person in the home who has difficulty pressing a single- or double-hung window open, a horizontal slider may be the answer. Since these windows only come in vinyl, the sliding mechanism is easy to operate and should be able to accommodate almost everyone. Sliding windows are also a great choice for a basement, where there is often little clearance between the ground outside and the interior ceiling.

Single-hung windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


Single-hung windows are a great option for those rooms without space for a window to swing into the room. Dress up a prominent window with an arch or radius window overhead to add beauty and admit light into your space.

Double-hung windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


Double-hung windows are a versatile style that adds beauty and value to your home. The hot air at the ceiling has an easier escape route, and both top and bottom can be opened to allow the maximum breeze on a summer day. When you open the window from the top, moderate your privacy, yet still let in fresh, cool air to keep the room feeling bright and lively. These windows tilt in for easy cleaning.

Casement and awning installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


Casement and awning windows are hinged windows that can be opened for ventilation any time, rain or shine. Casement and awning windows use a simple crank to open. Casement windows open like a door along the vertical axis, while awning windows open along the horizontal axis—out from the top. When fully shut, these windows can be clamped to ensure that no air enters. You can install smaller casements or awning windows to the side or atop a picture window to allow for greater functionality.

Bay windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


Bay windows are a perennial favorite. Imagine a lovely bench seat encased on three sides by windows—the perfect spot to sit during downtime to read, chat, or simply rest. We can install a custom bay window where there was none, or even upgrade an existing bay window with new, state-of-the-art glass and framing for added efficiency and charm.

Often bays are designed to be three-sided additions: they feature two sides that typically extend at 45° to meet an outer side that is parallel to the interior wall. The outmost side is a large picture window, and the two angled sides generally feature operational windows. You can decide if you want single-hung, double-hung or casement windows on the sides.

Your bay window may require a roof, framing or special decorative support, depending on your desired aesthetic or project.


As with so many of the products we work with, you can choose exactly what sort of glass you prefer. If the kids like playing ball near the window, you may want lamination, which helps prevent shattering. Our Simonton vendor offers bronze or gray tinted glass to reduce sunlight.


Even bays can come in double- or triple-paned glass. Energy efficiency is job #1 in the window world, and we want to hear that your energy bills have decreased after installation. There is no reason to sacrifice savings for beauty, particularly not with today’s technology. Take a look at the various coatings, tints and pane options. Your windows may even be so efficient that they qualify you for a tax break.


No matter what sort of window solution you envision, we have five manufacturers offering so many options that you are bound to find exactly what you need to increase the appeal and efficiency of your home.

Decorative windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


Decorative windows add interest throughout the home. You might choose decorative glass in the kitchen to add more ambiance to casual meals. The living room may benefit from a design upgrade to enhance appeal when guests arrive.


A decorative window really means adding something to dress up an existing window. You can pick eye-catching grids in numerous combinations and styles, use specialty hardware—like satin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze—and choose various colors and interior finishes.


Milgard offers obscured glass in a variety of forms. For instance, the Narrow Reed design is comprised of narrow ridges in the glass, which generally run vertically. Narrow Reed glass can be a great choice for long windows alongside a door or as an accent for larger windows elsewhere in the home.


Milgard can also etch designs into a window. The etched-glass gives the illusion of multiple panes of glass and comes in a variety of standard designs, such as square diamond, diamond grid, or colonial grid, among others. This etch work can give any window a stately appearance, both from within the house and from the street.


Though not strictly decorative, there are at least five tints available for your glass, which can cut down the incoming heat and light. While this may not be a top priority for those of us in the Pacific Northwest, it may be a worthwhile consideration if your home has an attic room, which can get quite hot even in the winter.

Garden windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


Gardening is a large part of many people’s lives, but what about the middle of winter? A garden window can be home to house plants or to smaller plants such as herbs. Installing a garden window is a snap and draws interest to any space. Indoor plants are soothing and add extra oxygen, purifying the air in a room.


Both Milgard and Simonton offer garden windows. While garden windows are not as efficient as other windows, they grant the ability to have many plants in the home. You can choose from a variety of glass options to maximize the efficiency available. There are noise-dampening options available, too, in case there is a noisy street or business nearby. Both manufacturers’ garden boxes are available in energy-efficient vinyl.


Prior to installing a garden window, we make sure that it won’t interfere with anything outside. They only extend a foot or two from the house, so they don’t often cause issues. Then we look for a spot that will receive ample light to help your plants grow.


Indoor plants are soothing for many people. Some studies have shown improvements in focus, health, and breathing. Plants add extra oxygen and purify the air in the room in general. That makes a garden window a good choice in so many rooms of the house—consider installing one in your home office.


While these windows do not fully open to allow a generous cross-breeze, they do have openings to allow a flow of air across the plants and into your home. The Simonton windows feature a crank-operated window, and the Milgard window boxes have optional privacy glass, which can give flowering plants an interesting look from outside.


We install fully adjustable tempered glass shelves—unlike their wire predecessors. Most garden windows come standard with one shelf, and we can add additional shelves as requested.

Between the two manufacturers offering garden windows, we have six general options. From there, each manufacturer has specific choices in terms of glass type, privacy and efficiency. There are suitable color options from either manufacturer, so your garden can reflect a sense of style while adding vitality to your home.

Privacy windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


The term privacy window may sound like a contradiction; however, privacy windows are quite lovely and useful for all sorts of purposes. If the window needs to allow air and light but also provide coverage, we can order custom obscured glass in a variety of styles. An opaque circular or octagonal window above an elegant bathtub might add an additional beautifying touch as well as provide the sense of light and space you desire.

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Soundproof windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


You want the light and the view, but you prefer quiet—either inside or outside your window. Beyond modern double- or triple-paned windows, we can add thickness, special laminate and foam spacers to disrupt the sound waves moving through the glass. Whether it’s ambient road noise from without or the stereo from within, we have the technology for the solution.


Milgard Windows & Doors’ Quiet Line windows cut the noise while providing extra weather protection. This line offers a 30 percent reduction in noise over their other windows. Milgard’s high-quality vinyl recipe keeps the glass snug in the frame and provides a sound buffer that is nearly unparalleled. Add to this offset window glazing, varied glass thickness and lamination, and you have a recipe for peace and quiet.

Foam spacers and laminated glass are what help make Milgard windows extremely quiet. You will be happy to learn that the laminated glass is shatter resistant—useful in the event of a flying object (baseball season!) hitting the window.

Triple-paned windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


Just when you thought double-paned windows were the height of energy efficiency, here comes triple-paned. Adding the third pane to a double-paned window makes a tremendous difference in terms of energy efficiency. Though there are extra up-front costs associated with triple-paned glass windows, energy rebates are available.


The Energy Trust of Oregon offers rebates to qualifying projects. We can help you apply and navigate the paperwork. Note that this is a cash rebate, not a tax incentive. If your project qualifies—and we’ll help you get there—you will receive a check in return from the state of Oregon. This offer is only available to residents of Oregon, or to projects inside the state’s borders. However, there may be federal tax incentives for qualifying energy-efficient projects.


Beyond generating savings on monthly energy bills, triple-paned windows create an overall sense of comfort in the house. If you’ve ever spent time in an older home during the winter, you may recall the cold draft near a single-paned window. Now, imagine that draft reduced to near zero. Even if you have lessened your energy bill with solar panels, a tankless water heater and geothermal heat, you will appreciate the increased coziness in your home.


If you’re upgrading your windows or building a new house, a feature such as triple-paned windows will make a difference when it comes time to sell the home. While surface or low-emissivity coatings can make your windows more energy efficient, new windows will help your home maintain its value and perhaps sell faster when it comes time to list.

Energy efficient solar view windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


For those seeking energy efficient windows that are built to last, we recommend Solar View Windows to our friends in the Pacific Northwest. The panes are treated with a specialty coating, Cardinal Lo-i81™, which is baked onto the outfacing side of the window. This coating turns a regular double-paned window into one that rivals the efficiency of a triple pane.

Solar View Windows also feature stellar seals, which are proven to have only a 0.2% failure rate over 20 years, an industry best. Between the panes, Solar View injects argon gas, an inert vapor that cuts the window’s overall U-factor (the heat loss from a window).

We have the option to offer you triple-paned windows or a special coating on double-paned windows for the same effect. There are pros and cons of each: double panes are lighter and, with 50 percent less weight, are easier to operate and easier on the frames. There are upfront costs associated with either option, but special rebates can offset the cost. Energy Trust of Oregon offers rebates to some WA customers as well.

Egress windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


Safety is an important aspect of any building project. If you are refinishing a basement with a bedroom or for some other regular use, you will want to include an egress window. Defined as a window that you can exit, an egress window may be required for full legal compliance in a livable basement space. Other rooms in the house, including aboveground bedrooms, may benefit from an egress window.


If you have elders in the home, it may be wise to install egress windows in their bedrooms, so they can exit the building in an expeditious manner if an emergency arises. We can expand the existing windows if needed so that there is an adequate fire escape. While an egress window should be no higher than 44 inches from the floor, we can set the window at the optimal height for your needs—a playroom for children may benefit from a lower window.


Egress windows are all casement windows that swing outside when the hand crank is turned. Our vendors carry many options: Milgard, for instance, offers casement windows in a variety of frame materials. They can provide us with custom casement windows in fiberglass, vinyl, wood or aluminum.


Download a PDF of Portland Window Codes here.

Shaped windows installed by Lifetime Windows & Doors in Portland OR


Shaped windows are typically non-operable windows that add an elegant accent to your home. They are available in a variety of styles, with glass that will help you save on your energy bill.

There is no better design element in a home than an elegantly shaped window. Most homes primarily use rectangular windows, so including an arched, half-round window over a doorway or an octagonal window at the top of the stairs can add an accent that enhances the whole space.

At the apex of a roof, atop a double-hung window, you might place a half-round specialty window as the finishing touch. When the sun hits a well-placed half-round window, it is a magnificent sight to behold. Put one above your main entryway and greet your guests in a bath of sunlight.

An arch-top window has square corners at the bottom and then lines that arch to the center.

The gable features square corners at the bottom and then the lines break and then stay straight to form an “A” frame at the center.

quarter-round window can rise up to 6 feet tall, so you can put nearly any rectangular window between two quarter-rounds.

An octagonal window is a unique choice. These windows are divided into “panes” by a grid divider to add an extra design element. Some have opaque glass to provide privacy, and others are cut into sections with lead dividers, much like a stained glass window.

Most of these windows are framed in state-of-the-art vinyl casings that are well insulated and guaranteed to last a long time. If you are in need of a breeze, hinged octagonal windows allow a bit of ventilation.

The glass options for shaped picture windows are wide open. Most come with standard glazed panes, but if you decide to have a very large shaped window, you might opt for double- or triple-paned glass to maximize the energy-saving quality of the window.


Want to transform your space with new windows? Look no further than Lifetime Windows & Doors! Our skilled window installers are ready to assist you. We take pride in presenting a diverse range of window styles for your selection, coupled with top-notch installation services to ensure a swift and hassle-free experience. Just give us a call to speak with an expert or get your free quote today!

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