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We order custom-made windows from a number of quality manufacturers in a nearly limitless number of combinations of frame materials, colors, glass efficiencies and aesthetic details. Each brand and material type comes in a variety of colors to best suit your interior and exterior design scheme.

Clients can further custom design their windows with options such as clouded or otherwise obscured glass, which will allow light while still protecting privacy. Other choices include double-paned glass, tinting and a gradient of energy efficiency.


Tuscany 113c vinyl window

The most popular, affordable and durable material in use. Vinyl does not show scratches, is very thermal resistant and will be easy on your budget.

Vinyl windows are immune to changes in weather, very low maintenance and have a long life span.


Tuscany 022c vinyl windows

Vinyl windows come in a white or tan color that works for most decors, and, for an additional cost, we can order a factory-finished color to match your home. Since they are the same color inside and out, the material won’t show scratches or dings the way other material might. You or your child can give those windows a lifetime of use and they will still look fantastic for years to come.
Frames come in tan or black, but should be left unpainted to protect the warranty, as the material may be compromised by a third-party coat of paint. The neutral colors available for vinyl windows should work with most any décor.


Not every PVC is the same: vinyl products are created from a scientific process that is much like a recipe. One may have more titanium dioxide than another, making it more heat-resistant; another may create more rigidity. While PVC has gotten bad press in recent years, those concerned about environmental issues can rest easy. Industrial waste from PVC manufacturing can be 100% recycled and up to 80% of post-industrial PVC is being reclaimed and recycled. So, your windows are not only efficient and attractive, they are earth-friendly, too.


Vinyl windows come in a variety of styles and qualities. Some are designed to buffer against loud noises, so if you live near a busy street, business or airport, these windows will keep the interior of your house quiet all year around. Some are sleek, providing a modern aesthetic, while others have a more traditional feel.

UltraWC 107 fiberglass windows milgard


One of the strongest and most versatile materials available. Fiberglass can be painted or clad with wood trim to suit your home. Since it is a mixture of glass fibers and resin, this lightweight material does not expand or contract any more than the glass it holds, allowing less stress on the unit as a whole.
Fiberglass has been used as a material in boat building for years. It’s extremely durable and reliable, as proven by its ability to withstand the challenges of the sea.

UltraWC 002a fiberglass window


Fiberglass comes in a variety of factory-painted colors. If you would prefer your windows ready to go upon installation, we can take a look at the palette of paints available for your windows. It is always our goal to make our customers as happy as possible, providing as many custom features as possible. After all, it is your home—it should reflect your taste.


UltraWC 043 fiberglass

One of the primary benefits of fiberglass is that it can be painted. Vinyl window frames are wonderful, but the homeowner must be happy with the same color of window frame until that frame is replaced, or else void the warranty upon painting. Fiberglass also will not face any issues related to weather, such as warping or rot. A wooden veneer can be added to the interior of the window frame, providing a warmth and attractiveness that other materials can’t match.


Fiberglass will reflect your taste and personality for years to come, since it is the absolute tops in durability and strength. It is impervious to weather, rot, decay, insects, salt air and ultraviolet rays. It can hold huge picture windows as well as double- and triple-paned windows, allowing both beauty and energy efficiency. Those qualities make up for the extra expense when purchasing this material.


If you want the absolute best and most versatile window material available, choose fiberglass. It will adapt to your changing aesthetic tastes better than vinyl, will resist time and weather better than wood, and it is as strong as aluminum.


Essence 0824 milgard wood windows

A classic favorite, wood is no longer used by some builders for exterior windows and doors. Our clients still love it, and we are happy to offer it.

While many new technologies have arisen to take its place, wood holds its own in terms of thermal efficiency, beauty and durability. We are thrilled to have partnered with one of the best wooden window manufacturers, Marvin Windows, which uses top-quality wood made with mortise and tenon joinery to create gorgeous, efficient windows.


Essence 0718 SW wood windows

Bare wood is one of the most desired home-building materials available. It is also very efficient, keeping cold winter air out and the warmth of the hearth inside. In the summer, it keeps your conditioned air inside and the arid heat out. In fact, wood is one of the best insulators available. You can paint our wooden windows any color you like, offering a near-infinite set of possible choices for interior and exterior aesthetic.


Wooden windows do require regular maintenance to keep the elements at bay. You’ll need to repaint or refinish them frequently to ward against rot and decay. Most come with reasonable warranties, and some include limited lifetime guarantees. When wood is well tended, it will last you and your family for years.


Horizontal slider, bay, double- and single-hung, awning and casement windows are all available in wood. Even specialty windows such as octagonal, circular and other non-operational windows are also available.


Aluminum WWa 01 windows milgard

Aluminum is a metal alloy that is strong, attractive, and extremely durable. It is recyclable, popular in today’s architecture, and great for creating large, sliding glass walls. It includes thermal breaks inside the window facing to stop the transfer of outside temperature.

Aluminum is easy to maintain and makes for a versatile material in which to frame your windows. Though it may not seem so, it is also quite efficient and can lower your energy bills.


Aluminum is so strong that it can be narrow and yet support a weighty window, maximizing the view. For that reason, builders and architects have long preferred its use in new construction projects and home renovations. Homeowners have loved the low maintenance associated with aluminum windows since the metal is impervious to insects, rot, and decay.


Aluminum milgard windows lifetime

Early aluminum windows were not very efficient. Metal is a great conductor, so heat would escape through the window frames in winter and seep in during the summer. Now, however, not only has window glass technology advanced by leaps and bounds but so has aluminum frame technology. The interior of the window frames are equipped with thermal breaks, which halt the conductivity of the metal and keep the elements controlled all year round.


Aluminum window frames typically come in clear anodized (aluminum color) or dark bronze finish.


We love to offer a wide range of manufacturers for our window materials, aluminum windows are top-notch, and we know you will like their thermally improved window series, which are found in all sorts of buildings, such as homes, schools, restaurants, and government buildings. The sliding and single-hung aluminum windows will even lock automatically when you close them, ensuring greater efficiency and safety for your home and family.

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