More and more, homeowners throughout the Pacific Northwest are choosing vinyl windows for their upgrade. It’s all about the “weighing of options” to determine the next best decision. If you are looking to upgrade your Portland, OR, home this summer with replacement windows, Lifetime Windows & Doors would be honored to co-partner with you for your next project. Our team understands the all the pending questions you may have which is why we can assist you with this comprehensive benefits list before you get started on your replacement project:

Pro: new vinyl windows are an investment
New, vinyl replacement windows are an instant investment into your future. Should you soon decide to sell or refinance your home new windows significantly increase its value.

Pro: Affordable
Our vinyl windows are among some of the most affordable windows on the market. In general, vinyl will more cost effective than the other material options.

Pro: Great Insulator = Lower Energy Bill
Everyone wants to save money wherever possible and when it comes to your heating and cooling bills, vinyl windows will save you money. Vinyl is known for its energy efficiency. In fact, there is little-to-no energy loss through vinyl frames or sashes. In comparison with other materials, vinyl has the lead in keeping energy costs down. In comparison to two other leading materials:

  • Wood windows can warp over time, degrading their thermal performance.
  • Aluminum windows are a poor insulator because it is an energy conductor.

Pro: Low Maintenance
Unlike other window frame materials, vinyl windows require only the occasional cleaning with a damp towel. Vinyl will not warp, crack, split, rot, mold, or attract bugs due to its sturdy plastic makeup. Also, when and if you do have an unexpected stain, there are some (surprising) simple solutions:

  • Tar: Soft Scrub®
  • Felt-tip Pen: Water based cleaners
  • Gum: A solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water; Windex®
  • Crayon: Lestoil®
  • Grass: Windex®, Lysol®
  • Oil: Soft Scrub®
  • Lipstick: Lysol®
  • Mold/Mildew: A solution of 30% vinegar and 70% water, Windex®
  • Motor Oil: Windex®, Lysol®
  • Pencil: Soft Scrub®

Pro: Durable
Here in the Northwest, we are no stranger to cold weather. Thankfully, vinyl is known for its resistance to cold and heat. This means that fluctuations and harsh conditions outdoors will never be felt indoors. So, you can remain comfortable and consistent all year long. Further, this material will not easily dent or break, which is good news, considering the occasional severe storms we endure here in Oregon.

Pro: Low Environmental Impact
Many people do not realize vinyl is recyclable—which makes them a very environmentally friendly window choice.

Our team here at Lifetime Windows & Doors would be delighted to answer any further questions you may have about vinyl windows in Portland, OR. Contact us today or stop by and visit us; we’re waiting to just for you!

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