Summertime Window Safety Tips

As the weather warms up and homeowners all over Oregon and Washington open their windows to soak up some of that beautiful fresh summer air, it’s important to keep window safety in mind. Unfortunately, curious kids around the country are significantly injured or suffer fatalities from falling out of windows every year. Here are some important tips for window safety in your home.

#1: Keep windows locked.
When young children are in the home, keep windows closed and locked. Usually, the locks will hinder them from opening them. If you need to open a window for ventilation, be sure to open the ones that are out of the child’s reach. Screens help protect them a little bit, but they won’t completely prevent a fall.

#2: Move furniture away from windows.
If there is furniture placed in front of the window that a child could climb on to access the window, move it. Kids love to crawl and climb. By moving beds or chairs away from the windows, it can help discourage the kids from directly accessing the window.

#3: Supervise.
If you have windows open, keep a close eye on the children. So, talk to them about window safety and remind them that they should never play close to the window or climb onto the sill. Communication and teaching them the right way to behave around open windows is an important component to keeping them safe.

#4: Upgrade your windows.
If your windows are old, inefficient, or don’t have locks that work, consider replacing them. Updated windows add value to your home and make it look nicer. New windows also ensure secure locking.

Ready to get started on your window replacement project? You can feel confident in our team of experienced professionals at Lifetime Windows and Doors. We proudly carry Milgard Windows and Doors, as well as Simonton Window products. These top quality brands withstand the test of time. So, contact us today for a free ‘no contact’ virtual quote, or to learn more about our promotions and other details that can help make the project more affordable.

How to Make Your Porch or Patio Stand Out

During the summer, many homeowners find themselves spending more time outdoors in their yards. The weather is warmer and there is more daylight to enjoy, so being outside to experience the beauty of nature and their yards is energizing. If you are looking for some ways to beautify your porch or patio to make it stand out, here are some tips.

#1: Focus on curb appeal.
Have you ever driven down a street where all the homes had well-manicured lawns, or well-decorated porches? Your front porch is often the first thing people notice when driving by or walking near your house. Creating curb appeal is easy. A brand new, energy efficient door is a great place to start. It will not only look great, but it will help make the space fresh and updated. Don’t forget the details on and around the door, as well. A new handle, a new door mat, or some bright potted plants around the exterior or on the entryway all work together to create an eye-catching porch.

#2: Focus on functionality and beauty.
What better way to enjoy summer weather than with a new sliding glass door installation? These are functional, allowing you to get in and out of your home, but they also allow for bright, natural light! We install a variety of sliding glass doors, including French in-swing or out-swing doors, stacking glass doors, and bi-folding glass doors that open like an accordion.  Not sure which style would look best in your home? Contact us today for recommendations on which one fits your space best.

#3: Invest in some upgrades.
When was the last time the windows in your home have been replaced? New windows will help reduce your energy use and give you a glimpse to the beautiful outdoors when you are not able to get outside. Not to mention, they add value to your home and can minimize sound. We are proud dealers of Milgard and Simonton Windows and Doors products. We can work with you to find windows that match your home’s style and most importantly, your budget.

Ready to get your home’s exterior upgraded to enjoy the rest of summer and into the cooler fall? We are proud to serve Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas, as well as Central Oregon and Southwest Washington. Our professional team can help you get your home updated! Visit our specials page to see what our current specials are, then contact us today for information on how to get your virtual appointment set up.

How to Create an Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

Springtime in the Pacific Northwest is stunning. The sun is out, things are blooming, and the weather is mild. With most of us spending extended time at home this spring and summer, now is the time to create a relaxing and luxurious indoor-outdoor living space. Here are some tips on how to do that.

#1: Say goodbye to the traditional wall.
Many homeowners transform their home’s exit to the patio with a floor to ceiling moving glass wall. These add affordable luxury to homes and are customized to your space. These are a great alternative to the traditional patio door option. We carry moving glass wall systems in 3 to 6-panel configurations with bi-fold, stacking, and pocket door options. Made with aluminum, the frame and structure are weather stripped for protection from air leaks! They have stainless steel ball bearing rollers and can be opened and closed with ease. Moving glass wall systems open the space from the inside of your home to the outside, making it easy to access while bringing it lots of natural sunlight.

#2: Replace your doors.
If a moving glass wall system is not your preference, we have plenty of other wonderful options, including French doors or a new sliding glass door. French doors will need space to swing open, which means, if you have a smaller space that prevents that full motion, a sliding glass door will work better. French doors can come in various materials including solid wood like oak or cedar, making them a unique addition to your home’s design. Both options are energy-efficient and can help insulate your home from cool weather or the heat of summer. That means you will save money on utility bills, too!

#3: Add new windows.
Spacious new windows will give you a glimpse into the beautiful Northwest spring and summer. Old single-pane windows can cost you money in the long run through wasted energy. Replacement windows will help minimize energy bill costs, keep you comfortable, and will reduce annoying noise. We are proud to carry several window brands and styles that work well with your home’s style, and we will work within your budget.

Patio weather is upon us, so get ready to enjoy it! We serve home and business owners in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas, as well as Central Oregon and Southwest Washington. Support our small business and contact us today to get started on your home’s exterior updates

Two Ways to Save Money This Spring

The Pacific Northwest is beautiful this time of year and it’s a great time to get outside and explore. And now with the warmer weather here, there are opportunities to save money and conserve energy, too. Here are two helpful ways that can save money this spring.

#1: Let the outdoors in.
Once the weather hits the 70s and 80s, it’s the perfect time to turn off your HVAC system and open up your windows. Not only will you save money on your utility bill, you’ll help your home feel fresh and aired out! If your windows are difficult to open or they’re so old and inefficient that you can’t stand the sight of them any longer, we can help upgrade your windows, so you can enjoy the rest of the spring and the upcoming summer season. We carry a variety of top quality window brands including Milgard and Simonton. New windows are quiet and will save significant amounts of energy because they won’t leak air in or out! This saves a lot of money over time!  In addition, we offer 12 months 0% interest and can help with financing options that can help you save money, too.

#2: Check for leaks.
Once the temperatures really start creeping up, you’ll likely turn for the air conditioner remote and turn it on. Before you do that, be sure the ductwork is clear of debris and that there are no leaking ducts. In addition, check your window seals and doors as well to make sure there are no gaps that could cause leakage. Leaking air is not only bad for the environment because of the waste, but it will also cause your energy bill to be higher, which translates to lost money. Save money by checking for leaks around the house!

Saving money will reduce your stress level and allow you to better enjoy the beauty of each spring day in the Northwest. We love this part of the country and are proud to serve Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas, as well as Central Oregon and Southwest Washington. Whether it’s new windows or doors, new siding, or a roof replacement, our professional team can help you get your home updated and beautiful. Ready to get started? Visit our specials page to see what our current specials are, then contact us today for information on how to get your appointment on the books with us.