Tips for Exterior Door Maintenance

Your doors are some of the first things that people notice about your home. What impression do your doors make? It’s easy to forget about your exterior doors. However, keeping them maintained should be an important part of your home maintenance to-do list. Here are some tips on how to keep them maintained well.

#1: Keep weather changes in mind.
Do you have wood exterior doors? These doors are prone to slight shrinkage in the colder weather and expansion in the hot weather. Your goal should always be to have the doors sealed properly. That way, the door will do its job no matter what the weather does outside. Weather stripping around the door frame is key. Keeping the door sealed with paint that combats moisture is another way to keep it protected.

#2: Clean it.
Cleaning the exterior doors isn’t something you have to do often but wiping it down well at least twice a year is a great idea. Now that our Pacific Northwest weather is changing to be a little colder, it’s a good time to clean your doors well. Simply use a gentle cleaning agent like baby shampoo or diluted dish soap with a soft cloth or sponge to wipe dirt or fingerprints off it. Rinse it with a small amount of water and then let it air dry completely or wipe it clean with a dry towel.

#3: Check for damage.
Your exterior doors play a big role in your home and are put to good use. While you’re cleaning the doors, check for any wear and tear. For example, look for peeled paint or any damages to the frame.

#4: Replace old doors.
When was the last time your exterior doors were replaced? If they are old and energy inefficient, consider replacing them before the coldest days of winter hit. New doors can help keep warm air in and will reduce energy usage.

Our team at Lifetime Windows & Doors has been installing exterior doors for customers around the Pacific Northwest for decades. Doors add curb appeal and will help save energy, too! We have the experience, knowledge, and positive reputation that you expect, so contact us today to get your door replacement project started.

French Doors or Sliding Glass Doors

Whether you are looking to demo your back patio or deck, or you want to make for a stunning update to your entryway, you may be curious which doors will be best: French doors or a sliding glass door? You may have a specific style in mind but getting information on both options is a great way to confirm your decision. Here are two of the main differences.

Most home renovation projects begin with the question of cost, so doing your research on which style fits your budget is important. French doors are generally more costly than sliding glass doors, but that is also dependent on the materials, size, and other upgrade options you choose. These doors can cost several hundred or even several thousand dollars but sliding glass doors are usually significantly less. French doors will cost more if you choose solid wood like cedar or oak and if they swing out rather than in, they will cost a bit more. There is a wide variation on how much sliding glass doors and French doors cost, so be sure to ask our team at Lifetime about what options there are so you can make the best decision.

The space in your home is unique and the type of door you choose needs to fit the style and look of the house. In addition, it needs to fit the specific space where it will be installed. For example, French doors need room to swing open, which means if you have a small space or furniture that will prevent that full motion from happening, sliding glass doors may be a better option. If you have the space, however, French doors will allow you a wider opening that will help you to open wide to bring in fresh air in, haul furniture in and out, or to host backyard parties.

Whichever design you choose, you will be glad to have a new, energy-efficient door added to your home. Our selection of Energy Star-rated doors are designed to insulate against heat or cold, which means you will save big bucks on utility bills over time. Not to mention, you can stay more comfortable all year long!

Spring is the best time to get your French door or sliding glass door replaced. We carry a variety of designs that will fit your budget and style. We offer free quotes and proudly serve Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas, as well as Central Oregon and Southwest Washington. Contact us today to get an appointment scheduled so you can determine what new door options are best for your home!