If you’re wondering if the doors in your home are up to Oregon building code standards, we can help! There aren’t a lot of specific codes to follow when it comes to doors, but there are some specific things that your doors need to follow in order to be fire safe. If you have a home between your house and the garage, you’ll need a door that meets separation requirements, meaning the drywall needs to be approximately ½” and if there is a living space above the garage, the ceiling would need to have 5/8” of drywall. The door doesn’t need to be any fire-rated specific door, as some home inspectors might tell you. However, the door does need to be either a solid wood door that is no less than 1 and 3/8 inches thick, or a solid or honeycomb core steel door.

Not sure what you need exactly or you just need a reliable door estimate? Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Lifetime Windows & Doors for help if you’re not sure what size door you need. We’re glad to help you measure it and provide some options that will fit the space and your budget.

We have a variety of quality door options that will fit your style, budget needs, and any other specific needs you have for your home. Our installation jobs are completed by an experienced professional team and because of that, you can trust that the door won’t need to be replaced again soon. And not only do we serve customers across the Portland area, but our new location also serves customers in Bend and Central Oregon! Contact us today for a free, no pressure quote on doors for your home!

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