Your home may have any number of needs at the moment. The temptation to leave new windows to another day is certainly understandable. At first glance, they may seem less urgent than other requirements. But that first glance may be deceiving. New windows may be more important than you think. If you or someone you know is looking for windows in or near Portland, OR, you will be pleased to know that there a variety of viable solutions in your area—and professionals who can walk you through the process. Indeed, if you aren’t sure whether or not new windows are right for you, you may wish to speak with an expert. There are often signs that old windows are ready to be replaced, and there are a number of good reasons to replace them.  

Many of those reasons could make you rethink the suggestion that window replacement can wait. There are certainly a variety of priorities that may seem particularly visible and in need of attention. Kitchens, carpet, cabinets, bathrooms, flooring and other items often stick out when it comes time for renovation. Again, this is understandable. But your windows matter, too. Dated windows can stand out in all the wrong ways, causing your home to appear decades older than it should. Older styles may leave guests or potential homebuyers with the impression that your home hasn’t been particularly well-maintained and will require any number of projects. It isn’t that those other priorities don’t matter. It is just that your windows should rank right at the top along with them.  

Even if your window styles aren’t particularly obvious or seem ageless enough, there may be good reasons to replace your windows. CNBC ranked window replacement as a top priority alongside things like kitchen remodeling, new siding and a new roof. They suggest that one can receive a return of investment worth as much as 85 percent. That means spending $10,000 on new windows can raise the value of your home by around $8,500. That’s not bad when compared to other kinds of investments you can make with respect to your home.   

That is a significant return on investment and a reminder that windows may well be more valuable than you think. They certainly shouldn’t be left until the next renovation or forgotten about entirely. Remember that older windows may not be protecting your home from the elements in an entirely effective fashion. If they were installed before the 1970s, there is a good chance that they are single-paned and therefore less capable of insulating your home from the elements. Newer windows won’t have that problem. That may save you money when it comes to energy bills, and it will certainly send the right message to friends, family or those potential homebuyers (in the event you may think about putting your home on the market).  

If you are seriously interested in new windows in the Portland, OR, area, consider reaching out to Lifetime Windows & Doors. We will do whatever it takes to address your home’s window needs, and we look forward to working with you and your family in a friendly and professional fashion. You can visit us at 14710 SE Lee Ave, Portland, OR 97267 or place a phone call to (503) 230-0500. 

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