Windows are often part of a home that can be taken for granted. They usually serve their purpose year in and year out. As long as they don’t break, we feel they’re okay. However, it may be time to assess your windows to see if it is time to find replacements. This post will discuss a few times when it may be necessary to replace your windows. We’ll discuss the following topics:

  • Poor Seal
  • High Energy Bills
  • Home Sale

Poor Seal

If your windows are drafty and don’t seem well-sealed, it is certainly time to look into replacement windows. Older homes particularly can benefit from upgraded windows to help the family save money on their monthly power bills. Test to see how drafty your windows are by lighting a stick of incense. Watch how the smoke is blown by the draft from the window. Consider that this draftiness will only increase over time, causing ever-higher heating bills and creating more discomfort for your family.

When you find that there is condensation in between your glass panes, it is time to consider a replacement for the whole window. If the seal has been broken between the panes on a double- or triple-paned window, the once-insulated glass is no longer an effective barrier to hot or cold air.

High Energy Bills

High heating and cooling bills are one of the key reasons to replace your windows. You might consult with friends and neighbors who do have updated windows to see what their bills are like and then weigh your extra expenditure against the cost of new windows. Keep in mind that the one-time expense of a new set of windows can save a significant amount of money during the replacement windows lifetime. If you upgrade to more efficient windows you will not only save yourself money, but your family will be more comfortable, and your home will have less of an environmental impact.

Home Sale

If you are considering selling an older home, you may want to consider replacing the windows. This may not necessarily improve the overall value of the home, but it will make it more attractive to potential buyers if you have installed energy-saving windows. Given a choice of two equivalent homes, the one with the more energy-saving attributes will probably have an edge. Time on the market can be just as painful to your bottom line as a low selling price, so try to move your home as soon as you can.


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