It’s time to start preparing for the rainy months – autumn is officially here! Fall weatherization for Portland homes – especially when you weatherize your windows – can be a wonderful way to increase energy efficiency and make a difference in your utility bills. Do you have old, drafty windows? Older windows can leak in cold air and can even allow rain to drip into the window sills, causing mold and unnecessary moisture. If this sounds familiar, you may need to consider window replacement this year.

  1. Caulk!
    Did you know that if your windows are not caulked well that cold air and moisture can leak in through small cracks? Windows are one of the most common areas for air to be lost. Be sure to buy top quality caulking material and put it around all of the seams in your windows in each room of the home. There are a variety of caulking tools that can help you apply it straight.
  2. Say goodbye to cracked windows.
    If you have cracked window panes in your home, this will allow cold air and moisture inside. Cracked or broken panes should be replaced immediately so you can save energy and reduce the chance of mold forming around the sills. We’re happy to provide free quotes on replacing your cracked and worn windows with windows that are insulated and energy efficient.
  3. Replace your glass.
    Did you know that replacing the glass in your windows with high efficiency Low-E coatings will protect your family from UV rays but also help save energy? Not sure what glass is right for your home? There are a lot of different options – let us help give you options within your price point.
  4. Keep mold away.
    Rainy months are perfect for mold growth. Mold can enter your home through open doorways, vents, windows, and HVAC systems. It can easily attach itself and be carried indoors which can lead to very severe health complications or allergic reactions. Mold is most often found in areas with lots of moisture like around leaky windows. If you notice mold growth there, disinfect it to get rid of it and consider replacing the window so the mold does not keep reappearing.
  5. Keep your windows maintained on the inside and outside.
    Stay on top of window maintenance by checking the condition of your windows on a regular basis – on the inside and outside! Look regularly for cracks, mold growth, chips, or any issues with the caulking. If you see something that needs fixing, don’t delay. Get on top of the issue right away before the heavy rains of autumn start. If you don’t, this could be a costly mistake. Staying on top of maintenance means you’ll have less chance down the road of having to come up with money for costly repairs.

Weatherization for fall weather – 5 Tips for Rainy Season in Portland OR - Vancouver WA - Bend OR - Salem OR

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