There are many different types of windows in Beaverton, OR and many houses have more than one. Windows let natural light come into your Beaverton, OR home and they can also let fresh air in on nice days. They define the style of your home and they can help the energy efficiency and comfort of the house as well. While there are a number of different ways to customize windows, you will first need to pick an overall style.

-Double-Hung Windows

These windows have two sashes that slide up and down in a vertical manner without the frame. You can open them from the top or the bottom, but the windows always remain inside the frame. They are nice in rooms where you don’t have extra room for a window to protrude. They also work well near a patio if you don’t want a window jutting out.

-Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are similar to double-hung in that the windows remain inside the frame, even when they are open. The difference is only the bottom part operates while the top part remains as is at all times.

-Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged and can be opened with a crank. They can have hinges on either side and open outward. If you want to catch the breeze and bring it into your home, casement windows work great. They are also often energy efficient because when you close them and the cold window blows, it blows the windows tighter against the home.

-Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open out to let air in from the bottom or left or right, depending on where you place the windows. You can put the below, above, or beside a stationary window or another operating window.

-Picture Windows

Picture windows are generally very large and are always stationary. They don’t open or close and they let in the maximum amount of light and views into the home. They can be placed alone, in groups, or even alongside operating windows.

-Slider Windows

Slider windows glide along a track and have at least one operational window. They slide horizontally over one another so they never leave their track. They work well in modern homes.

-Bow and Bay Windows

These windows give you more space outside and a unique style outside. They protrude out from the exterior of the house. They generally use a combination of windows including double-hung, casement and other options.

Whatever type of window you need for your home in Beaverton, OR, Lifetime Windows and Doors can help you find the right fit. Call us today at (503) 230-0500 and we can talk through the various window types and give you ideas and recommendations. We’re happy to look into your home’s specific situation and give you advice on what might work best and where for every room of your house.

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