As your family grows, the rooms in your Portland, OR house seem to get smaller. You don’t have the money to add onto your house, but you want the tight spaces in certain rooms to look and feel bigger. What can you do? There are plenty of tips that can help you make the most of the small spaces in your home. Believe it or not, vinyl windows are on the list! Here’s why along with a few other tips.

-Use Light Colors

Dark and bright paint colors make a room feel smaller and less open. Even a large room will feel more cramped in a dark color. Light colors open the room and make it feel spacious in a whole new way.

-Let in Natural Light

Old windows have a way of blocking out the natural lighting. They might be broken, foggy, or they might have an old style that blocks the view. New vinyl windows can really let the natural light into your room, which will make it feel bigger than ever before. Make the room larger by installing new vinyl windows.

-Limit Furniture

The last thing you want to do to a small room is stuff it full of large items. Furniture is necessary in most rooms, but you will want to limit the amount you have in a small room. Get down to the bare essentials to make the room seem bigger.


Small rooms can get stuffy quickly and if you have old windows on your Portland, OR home, they can be hard or even impossible to open and close. New vinyl windows can make the room feel bigger because they will open and close with ease and that allows for simple ventilation anytime you need it. Stuffy rooms feel small and vinyl windows can make that issue disappear.

-Add Space

While you may not be able to add onto your house, you could consider adding space by way of a bay or bow vinyl window in the small room. Bay and bow vinyl windows give you additional space automatically and they draw the eye out, making the room feel even bigger. There are plenty of energy efficient vinyl windows in the bay and bow style.

Your Portland, OR vinyl windows come with a lot of benefits. They help you reduce your energy costs, they make your house look nice and new, and they are cost-effective. If you have a small room in your Portland, OR house and you’re looking to add light, ventilation, and style in order to open it up, vinyl windows are a great solution.

Lifetime Windows & Doors has been leading the window industry in Portland, OR since 1998. We’re expert on vinyl windows and we can take a look at your home and your small rooms and tell you exactly what will fit in with your existing style and future goals. Stop by and see some examples for yourself at 14710 SE Lee Ave Portland, OR 97267. Or give us a call to set up a consultation at (503) 230-0500.

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