Have you ever been inside a space that lacked windows or natural light? How did it make you feel? It likely felt dark and maybe even a little grim knowing that you didn’t have a peek into the outside world. It’s a fact that humans need natural light to function.  That’s why having enough windows in your home is incredibly important.

Now that spring is here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ll have more sun outside. How are the windows in your home? Are they old, leaking cold air in? Maybe you don’t have enough windows in your home, and you need to add more while you replace the old ones. We can help! Here are some reasons how natural light can benefit you in your day to day life – both physically and mentally.

#1: Natural light can help increase your productivity.
Artificial light versus natural light: which one do you work better in? Studies show that people that work in or around natural light are more productive than those that work under artificial lighting. Windows bring in the light that tells the body that it’s daytime and that it’s time to get up and start work, chores, school, or other physical activities.

#2: Natural light gives us vitamin D.
Without vitamin D, our bodies simply would not function at their peak. Vitamin D is absorbed through the skin (as well as through food). This vitamin helps bolster your nerve, muscle, and immune system. This makes you healthier year-round. Lack of vitamin D can cause serious bone diseases and other health problems. So, having enough windows in your home to bring in natural light and soak in the sun will help you stay healthier.

#3: Natural light is good for your mental health.
During the winter, the days are shorter and darker. It’s usually rainier and colder and we simply don’t have the same amount of natural light that we do in the spring and summer months. The cold, dark months for months on end can increase depression in some people, too. There are countless studies that show that natural light – even simply sitting in front of a sunny window in your home on a regular basis – can help boost your mental state and bring you out of a depressive funk. Windows around your home will bring you and your family to a more positive and happy mental state.

So, what are you waiting for? Spring is the perfect time to get your old, inefficient windows replaced. These will provide the natural light you need to benefit health-wise, all the while adding value and beauty to your home. Whether it’s Simonton or Milgard windows you choose, we have a range of energy efficient windows that will fit your home’s style and most importantly, your budget! We are open as an essential business. We’re helping homeowners around the Northwest get their home improvement projects completed. We are taking every precaution to stay safe and healthy throughout every project. So, contact our team at Lifetime Windows and Doors today.  We will get you the information you need to get your window replacement project started!


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