How New Windows Can Restore Your Old Home’s Beauty

Older homes have character and bring a sense of unique style and history to any neighborhood. Whether your old home is a Craftsman-style, Victorian, or something else, adding replacement windows for the home can add value and comfort. Here, consider how new windows can help restore your old home’s beauty.

#1: Added comfort.
Old homes can be drafty, which means that warm air can get outside in the winter and your cool air-conditioned air could leak out during the summer. If you stand near your windows, do you feel drafts of air?  High-quality, energy efficient windows from top quality brands like Simonton Windows and Doors or Milgard, will keep those drafts away. Windows are created nowadays with energy savings in mind, and that means that you will keep temperatures evenly distributed within your home and noise will even be reduced. The result: a peaceful, more comfortable home.

#2: Added beauty.
Older homes often have windows that look old and out of date. For instance, windows were very common several decades ago, but over time, they can start getting discolored or run down. Replacement windows in wood, fiberglass or vinyl, will allow you to choose styles that are modern, traditional, or sophisticated, giving you the opportunity to help create the look that you’ve always wanted for your older home. In addition, new windows instantly add value and curb appeal to your home. That means your investment can reap good returns when you go to sell the home later down the road.

#3: Added functionality.
As you live in your home, you learn about the overall functionality of the home. Maybe there are windows in the home that are not as functional as they could be. For example, maybe a big picture window could be better as a moving glass wall. We can help with that! Based off how you want the room to function, we can help provide solutions that can bolster the overall functionality.

New windows are not just an investment for your home, but they are key to how you will enjoy the space for years to come. If you’re ready to get your new window installation project started, 2019 is the right time to do it! We’re currently offering a great special on windows, with 35% off 7 or more windows! That means you’ll save big money! Contact us today for information on getting your home renovation project started!

3 Reasons To Replace Your Roof Before Winter Weather Hits

November is here, and the temperatures are dropping fast. With the cold weather comes different weather scenarios, including rain, wind, sleet, and snow. Your roof has an important job during every season of the year, but it can really take a beating in the cold fall and winter months. If your roof has seen better days and it isn’t up to handling another winter, now is the time to act on a roof replacement. Here are some reasons why.

#1: It will protect your home and add value.
If your roof begins to leak, it could cause damage to the inside of your home and that could be costly to repair. Not to mention, over time, water damage can cause dry rot and mold build up, which can cause health problems. A new roof will protect you from these risks. In addition, a new roof will add instant value to your home while adding curb appeal!

#2: You can add extra features during a roof replacement.
Did you know that if you’re replacing your roof with Lifetime Windows & Doors, our team can install skylights where you want them? This is the perfect opportunity to not only add value and beauty to your home with a new roof, but you can also add natural light! Skylights on the roof bring light into different areas of your home, creating a feeling of warmth, well- brightness. This is especially true in the Pacific Northwest when the days can get gray and drab, and we want to maximize the light we get.  Skylights can also save you energy because you will be using less artificial light and more natural light. Talk to us about skylight options during your roof replacement project.

#3: You can save energy.
Old, leaky roofs leak not just air out and water in, but they can also cause you to waste money! If your roof leaks cold air in and warm air out, you’ll likely be using your furnace more often, which can cause your heating bill to increase significantly when the fall and winter weather arrives. The same goes for warm summer days. If your air conditioner has to work harder to do its job, then your energy bill will increase.

Replacing your roof is one of the most important investments a homeowner can make and our experienced team of professionals at Lifetime Windows & Doors can help you get the replacement scheduled and ready to go! We proudly use Marlarkey Roofing Products in our roofing jobs, which is a product that protects the environment through their Energy-Star rated roofing materials.  A high-quality roof will serve you well, keeping you warm and protected from the various Pacific Northwest weather for many decades! Contact us for more details on getting your project started.