Tips to Improve Your Home’s Exterior Before Selling

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market this winter or spring, you are likely considering what things will need to get done in order to sell it for full asking price. Here are some tips to improve your home’s exterior before selling.

Tip #1: Create curb appeal.
Have you ever driven down a street where each house exuded charm? Houses with great curb appeal grab your attention and make you want to see more of what the inside holds. This is the exact reaction you want a potential buyer to have when they see your home! One of the best ways you can do this is by giving your front door a makeover. A brand-new door that is not only energy efficient but looks great will help compliment the rest of your house. Don’t forget the details on and around your door too. A new handle, a fresh door mat, or some flowers or plants around the exterior entryway or porch are all great ideas.

#2: Invest in some upgrades.
How old are the windows in your home? This is something that buyers will notice right away. If you have single pane windows that are from decades past, they simply won’t be energy efficient. We have a variety of new window options that fit your home’s style and most importantly, your budget. Once they are installed, you can reap the benefits of a quieter home, lower utility bills, and enhanced beauty. And when it comes time to sell the house, you will be able to add that to the list of features which can help you get back a little bit of your investment.

#3: Replace the siding.
Your siding not only adds to your home’s curb appeal, but it also helps keeps you protected from the varying elements of the Pacific Northwest. We proudly install fiber cement siding which offers some of the following benefits:

  • No expanding in hot or cold weather
  • Does not crack, warp, or split
  • Moisture and rot resistant
  • Long-term durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Won’t ignite or add fuel to a fire like other materials
  • Insusceptible to pests
  • Withstands extreme weather like wind and storms
  • Features a baked-on pre-finish that’s UV resistant and won’t fade

So, before you list your home for sale, contact our team of specialists at Lifetime Windows and Doors. We will help you get the exterior of your home in pristine condition so you can sell your home quickly! We proudly serve Southwest Washington, the Portland metro area, and Central Oregon.