Best Ways to Secure Your Front Door

Since the pandemic, property crimes, thefts, and break-ins at homes and businesses are increasing. Unfortunately,  millions of burglaries happen every year and many of them begin at the front door. So, how do you ensure your front door is secure? Here are some tips.

Use the right lock.
Deadbolts use a locking mechanism that only open with a key. There are several different types of deadbolts to choose from – one-sided, single-sided, double-cylinder, or standard. All of them provide reinforcement against kicking. However, a single-sided deadbolt lock prevents someone from picking the lock and getting in.

Install a door alarm.
Door alarms utilize sensors that detect when the door is opened or kicked in. With a loud, blaring alarm, a burglar could be deterred from stepping into your home. Most people don’t want to be caught in the act, and a simple alarm could make them panic and move on.

Check the hinges.
Small screws in the hinges are a significant security threat. Replace small existing screws with 3-inch-long screws. This keeps the door firmly in place and strengthens it. It costs almost nothing to do this, takes just a few minutes, and protects your door.

Replace your front door.
You can have the best deadbolt and door alarm on the market, but if the door itself is weak, it will still be prone to break-ins. Your home’s front door should be solid. It is also best not to have doors with a lot of glass, as this can easily be broken, and a burglar could reach in and unlock the door that way. Not sure if your exterior doors are solid? Knock on it to see if it sounds hollow. And if it’s hollow, just a few simple kicks opens it.

At Lifetime Windows and Doors, we have a variety of door options that are solid, sturdy, and built to stand the test of time. So, whether it’s solid wood, steel, or something else, we can help find a new energy efficient door within your price range that fits your home’s unique style.



Is Your Home Exterior Making A Good First Impression?

Your home is arguably one of the largest investments you will ever make, and it reflects who you are and what your unique personality is. Your home is your oasis, both inside and outside, but what first impression does it make for people visiting or passing by? When was the last time you have taken a good look at your home’s exterior? If it’s been a while and your home exterior needs a little love to help restore its original beauty, our team at Lifetime Windows and Doors can help. Summer is a great time to work on the exterior of your home because the weather is warm and dry here in the Pacific Northwest. Here are some great ways your home’s exterior can make a good first impression.

#1: New doors.
Your doors welcome and invite guests, friends, and family to your home, so they should look great. Your front door should especially make a great first impression. We have hundreds of different door options and can work on customizing them with different glass or window options. We carry doors from many different brands, including Therma Tru, Buffelen, Simonton, Masonite, Milgard, Codel Entry Systems, and Simpson!

#2: Updated siding.
Replacement siding is one of the top ways you can enhance curb appeal and make it look like new. We have significant experience in replacing exterior siding and we’re proud to carry outstanding products from James Hardie Siding. New siding is energy efficient and can help with heating and cooling bills over time because of its great insulating capability. New siding also adds great value to your home when it comes time to put it on the market.

#3: Window replacements.
Cracked windows or those that leak or are old and inefficient simply are not doing the job that they’re intended to do. Window replacements add instant value to your home and will also add beauty at the same time.  We are proud to carry a variety of window styles and brands that will fit well into your specific home’s style. We know that you have a budget, too, so we will work with you on that.  Our new window options are Energy Star certified and come with great ratings, so you know you’re getting the best product for your money.

We are also offering some specials that will save you significantly on your purchase Visit our specials page to see what our current specials are! We are proud to serve Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas, as well as Central Oregon and Southwest Washington.  Our professional team can help you get your home ready for to face the rest of the summer months and well into the fall and winter. Contact us today for more details!