As Oregon and Washington residents, we live for the warmer, longer days of summer weather. However, it is important to make sure your home is weatherized so it can withstand the extreme temperatures that are bound to happen outside. Here are some things that you should do to weatherize your living space so you can stay comfortable all season long.

#1: Keep blinds closed during the day.
The sun is wonderful, but it can also cause significant heat gain during the summer. To combat this, keep your shades, curtains, or blinds closed during the hottest parts of the day.

#2: Open windows and doors early in the morning for cool air.
Before the heat kicks in, open your windows and doors early in the morning to bring that cool air inside. This keeps your inside temperatures down and helps you reduce your air conditioning usage, too. Over time, that saves you money on your energy bill.

#3: Seal your windows and doors.
Have you checked the seal or caulking around your windows and doors? If you haven’t, now is the time to look. If there are gaps where warm air will get in, and cool air-conditioned air will make its way out, then you could be facing high utility bills and a more uncomfortable house.  

#4: Replace your older windows and doors.
New, energy efficient windows and doors will work in tandem with your heating and cooling system to keep warm air out and the cool air-conditioned air inside where it belongs. Heat gain and heat loss through old single pane windows take up to 25 to 35% of heating and cooling energy use. Think about how much money that accounts for throughout the year. New EnergyStar® rated windows and doors will ensure you save energy and do your part to create a healthier environment.

If you aren’t prepared to pay for major upgrades for your home in cash quite yet, that’s okay. We have financing options that can help make your windows, doors, siding, or roof replacement more affordable. So, contact us to learn more about our two decades of experience serving residential and commercial clients around the Northwest. We look forward to helping make your home comfortable and beautiful this summer!  

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