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Solar View (W) Brand

For those seeking energy efficient windows that are built to last, we recommend Solar View Windows to our friends in the Pacific Northwest. The panes are treated with a specialty coating, Cardinal Lo-i81™, which is baked onto the outfacing side of the window. This coating turns a regular double-paned window into one that rivals the efficiency of a triple pane.

Solar View Windows also feature stellar seals, which are proven to have only a 0.2% failure rate over 20 years, an industry best. Between the panes, Solar View injects argon gas, an inert vapor that cuts the window’s overall U-factor (the heat loss from a window).

We have the option to offer you triple-paned windows or a special coating on double-paned windows for the same effect. There are pros and cons of each: double panes are lighter and, with 50 percent less weight, are easier to operate and easier on the frames. There are upfront costs associated with either option, but special rebates can offset the cost. Energy Trust of Oregon offers rebates to some WA customers as well.