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Simpson (D) Brand

Simpson Doors creates a wide range of solid wooden doors and custom doors in styles that inspire.

Wood Choices

Simpson offers a wide range of wood choices for your exterior doors. You can opt for sustainable bamboo or stately walnut. You can also take a look at Douglas fir, cherry wood or Ponderosa pine. Mix and match your woods on different floors or decide on a single look for the entire home. Discover their full list of woods here.

Exterior Doors

For the exterior, Simpson has traditional sash doors with a pane of frosted glass for privacy. You can select from a range of glass sizes to moderate how much light washes in, and then select from a wide range of tints and design styles. You might also consider their panel doors, which have timeless good looks.

Custom Doors

Simpson can do amazing things with custom doors. They can create a door up to ten feet tall by six feet wide by 2 ¼” thick. Imagine this impressive door in the wood of your choice with a few select panes of glass to offset the size of the threshold. For your interior French doors, you’ll be stunned by Simpson’s array of glass choices. They don’t stop with simple textures and tints. They have amazing resin options, in addition to an array of pane styles, from organic shapes to elegant geometric designs.