When your roof springs a leak, there is no time to lose. Water damage tends to spread far faster than you might think, and it can do endless amounts of damage to a home. Not only can it cause wood to rot, but it can also provide an ideal environment for mold and mildew to grow. Read through this post to find ways to solve the biggest roof problems on your Portland home. The simple DIY repairs below can help you save time and money, but if the damage is too extensive, then it might be time for a full roof replacement:


Maintain your flashing by first inspecting it on a regular basis. From the ground outside, use binoculars to take a look at the corners and where the chimney and vents extend through the roof. Look for any irregularities in terms of discoloration, tears, or missing shingles. Then, if possible, inspect from the inside. Climb into the attic and check for any evidence of leaking around those typical problem areas. You might want to also do an internal inspection during a particularly heavy rain.


Check the fascia boards which typically support your gutters. These are at risk for water damage and can undermine the integrity of the roof in general. You can use binoculars to inspect them, but it may be advantageous to use a ladder for this task. If you combine the chore of gutter cleaning with the inspection, you can handle two jobs at once. You can also check on the soffit, which is the board under the eaves of the roof. This is a typical problem area, so check it often to ensure that rot does not set in.

Shingle Repair

You may need to replace or repair shingles to maintain the health of your roof. To replace a shingle, be sure to remove the entire rotted piece and be sure to also take out the nails, which hold it in place. Use roofing nails to affix the new shingle and then seal them with roofing cement. You can also repair a curled shingle easily- flattening it by hand and then applying roofing cement to help it maintain its proper shape and position.

Professional Roof Replacement

If your roof is perpetually causing problems and your repair efforts seem in vain, it may be time to replace it entirely. Lifetime Windows & Doors can assess your need for a full roof replacement. Every homeowner deserves a roof over his or her head, so give us a call at 503-230-0500 today!

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