Why have just a plain door leading out to your outdoor living area when you could have something more elegant that will provide natural light, fresh air, and a great view? A patio door is a wonderful addition to any home and will not only add style to the space, but character to the interior and exterior of your home. Here are some reasons why adding a patio door to your home is a great idea.

Reason #1: They can fit any home.
Patio doors come in two styles: swing or slide. Because of this, they can fit into any home, allowing you a beautiful view! A sliding patio door is a good option for rooms that don’t have the space for a door to swing out or in. They come with screens that can ventilate the space, so you can get fresh air in your home whenever you need it. Swinging patio doors are a classic and they generally have one to two movable panels that will swing in and out. These panels can give you wide space that allow you to move things in and out of the home if you need to.

Reason #2: You can be more in touch with the great outdoors.
An outdoor living space is an extension of your home and to help connect the inside and outside, a patio door can do just that. The open view that a patio door gives you will become a gateway to whatever outdoor space you have, whether it’s a backyard, deck, or patio.

Reason #3: Reduced energy bills.
Patio doors will allow you to have more natural light so you can rely on the light bulbs in your house less! In addition, if you have a patio door with low E coatings or gas fills as well as those that are Energy Star rated, the door is designed to be incredibly efficient and keep temperatures comfortable and consistent inside. Energy efficient doors and windows translate to less wasted air through leaky cracks and a savings in utility bills.

Patio doors can be customized to fit whatever style of home you have. For example, you have an older home with character, we can find a patio door that fits that home style, even with special hardware that can give you the look you want.  Patio doors come in various colors too, so no matter what preference you have, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. Not sure what style of patio door will fit your home? We’re happy to come out and take a look at your space and what options you have. Our free in-home estimates will help give you an idea on the cost, as well.

We are proud to serve Portland and the surrounding areas as well as Central Oregon. Our company has a sterling reputation that has been built over the last 20+ years and we’re proud of our team. Let us help you prioritize your patio door project!

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