Replacement windows Hillsboro, OR, are just one part of what you need to consider when you’re thinking about your home’s windows.

The windows depict the style of your house – inside and out. Even though window styles and trends are ever-evolving to suit the new innovative house designs, yet the architect can customize almost every window style to suit your taste and housing design.

For the majority of homeowners, windows are all about ventilation and energy efficiency – but they offer much more than that. They can enhance the style of your house to make it look more modern and enchanting.

No doubt, every homeowner has his own taste and needs, but the following window styles are prevalent in all of North America in 2020 and will look great for decades to come too.

1. Double Hung Windows

When it comes to deciding on new windows, the majority of Americans still go for double-hung windows – for the multitude of functions it serves at a reasonable price. It has two – top and bottom – sashes that are easy to open wide from both bottoms of the top. They have moveable upper and lower portions which slide vertically up and down within the frame and hence, don’t protrude out to the interior or exterior of the house.

These are easy to clean and replace, provide increased ventilation, and allow for easy operation – easy to open or close.

2. Casement Windows

For many homeowners, the choice for new windows always come down to Casement windows or double-hung windows. The former has an operable panel that is installed in singles or pairs – and hangs on a hinge that allows it to swing outwards with the turn of a handle and open like a door.

These windows are an ideal choice for hard to reach areas around your house – such as above kitchen sink, or a fireplace mantle.

3. Awning windows

There is not much of a difference between the operation of casement windows and awning windows – other than mechanical cranks that open and close awning windows. Their top edge is fixed in place with bottom one pivots outward and up when cranked.

They are mounted vertically and are pushed outward from the bottom edge. They prevent rain and debris from entering the house as the glass (opened outside) serves as an awning.

The windows can be left open all the time to allow air in since the glass serves as an awning that prevents water and from entering the house.

4. Slider Windows

As the name implies, these windows are quite simple, consisting of two or more side-by-side windows that open and close easily by sliding horizontally along the bottom and top tracks. In some styles, the only side is moving, while the other is fixed.

Because of simple mechanical structure – having no cranks or mechanisms – they are durable and work perfectly in modern houses – especially at places that are hard to access.

5. Bow Windows

Bow windows come in a set of four or more windows joined together in a semi-circle or an arc. Homeowners use these windows in a variety of combinations – often with a fixed window in the middle, bound either casements or double-hung windows. The curved architecture requires more glasswork and need careful construction – and that’s why to take help from a professional before installing them.

As these windows protrude outside, they provide ample interior space with a nice view of the outside. Replacement windows Hillsboro, OR, can be any style.

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