At some point in your homeowning career, you’re going to need replacement windows Vancouver, WA. Every part of your home is liable to be replaced or upgraded at some point. Some things will naturally degrade over time. You’ll grow bored with others.

Changing your interior design scheme is a lot of fun. It allows you to express yourself in a unique way. Your guests will feel your warmth and personality.

Society adopts architecture and interior design trends the same way it adopts fashion ones. They don’t last long but they ake an impact while they’re around. You can change your home’s style whenever you feel that your designs are growing out of touch.

Keep reading for current trends you can adopt.

Velvet Curtains

Drawing attention to your windows is an easy way to make your home look more striking. Gorgeous, velvet drapes and curtains heighten the effect. Velvet touches are becoming very popular.

The easiest way to add velvet to your home is through your windows. A velvet couch can also be stunning but making the change can be pricey.


Pretty, romantic florals are surging in popularity. The design fits with a lot of themes. Old-fashioned, rustic, delicate. You can refresh the design by getting creative with the colors you use.

You can also play around with real flowers. A stunning garden pleases your eye and gives you a reason to be outside.

Fun Colors

American homeowners naturally tend to gravitate toward neutral tones. However, things are changing. Modern people are far more willing to experiment with bold, bright colors.

If you want to be really unique, you can try to use contrasting patterns and colors that don’t mesh well in the same room. It’s a way to be dramatic yet subtle at the same time.

Black and White

One color scheme that’s never gone out of fashion is black and white. It gives your home a sense of elegance. It’s also very easy to pull off. You’ll never have trouble finding furniture and pieces in the right shade.

You don’t have to stick to the same style throughout the same property. Your bedroom and bathroom can be decorated in a bright, cheerful fashion while your living room is covered in sophisticated reds and blacks.

Instead of being a slave to consistency for its own sake, pay attention to what grabs your eye. It’s okay to focus on the overall vibe. The most important factor in your home design is how much you enjoy it. Otherwise, what are you doing?

Start out with a general plan and work from there. A visual board can help you keep track of your ideas. A virtual one works fine if you don’t like the idea of a real whiteboard.

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