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Our roofing preferred manufacturer is Malarkey, a Portland, Oregon staple since 1956. We pride ourselves on using vetted local manufacturers, and Malarkey’s roofing products are sustainable, trustworthy and easy-to-use, plus they have great customer service and warranties.

When it comes to taking care of your roof and installing the very best materials, we have found Malarkey roofing materials to be the very best for the Portland area. They’ve been manufacturing roofing goods in Portland since 1956, are family-owned and are managed by pure professionals.

Contractors love working with Malarkey because of the 50-year Warranty* and their ability to hold up to any weather condition, including hail. Tests have shown their Legacy line of shingle withstanding hail hurtling at 90mph. Malarkey shingles offer a scotch guard coating that helps to make them resistant to moss and algae.


Malarkey prides itself on providing sustainable roofing systems. Their products are Energy Star-rated and will help keep your heating and cooling bills under control.


Malarkey products all carry exceptional warranties, some of the very best in the industry. If anything ever goes awry with your roof, it will be covered. Since they’ve been around since 1956, you know they create quality products. It’s not often that they have to fulfill on their warranties.

The Zone

Since Malarkey is a Portland company, they patented a special shingle that installs better than the average model, repels more rain and is easier to replace than regular roofing material. Their Legacy shingle includes a base fiberglass mat, which is coated with rubber asphalt to add to the durability of the shingle.


Malarkey is still family owned and accessible to their customers. The factory representatives are personally available and responsive to any problem. They care about their customers and would love to hear that they’ve been referred to family and friends.


Protecting the environment is a crucial business issue that Malarkey Roofing Products® has taken seriously since 1984. In partnership with the City of Bend, Malarkey received the State of Oregon’s Governor’s Award for energy conservation for the installation of a methane recovery pipeline. This recycling system reduces Malarkey’s consumption of natural gas, a non-renewable fossil fuel, by over 80 percent. Additionally, Malarkey offers several Energy Star-rated roofing materials that provide eco-friendly options to consumers and may qualify for LEED points (check with your local distributor or sales representative for more information).

*Warranty limitations depend on product. Ask your design consultant for more information.