In the spring and summertime, people open their windows to let in the beautiful fresh air, but without proper protection around them, they can be dangerous and pose a falling risk. Window safety is imperative when you have little ones inside your home. Thousands of tragedies happen each year as a result of kids falling out of windows. In fact, every year in Oregon about 50 kids end up in emergency rooms after falling out of windows. Nationwide, there are over 3,300 related window falls. (1) However, falls can be prevented by making the windows safe in your home. Here are some helpful tips and suggestions.

  • Supervise your kids, keeping play areas away from windows
  • Keep windows locked when children are around
  • Keep cribs and beds away from windows to keep them away from climbing to the top and falling through an open window
  • Install windows with locking and other safety controlling devices

What type of window operating control devices are there?
We offer window operating control devices that allow for you to enjoy the fresh air, but also stay safe. Our Milgard window opening control devices meet industry standards and limit window openings to less than 4”, which can prevent unnecessary accidents and falls from happening. If you need to disengage the window control device in the event of an emergency, you can manually disengage them and open the window fully. Once the window is closed, the device will automatically reset.

Keep in mind that windows are designed not just for beauty, but for escape in case of an emergency. So, adults should be aware of what windows are in their home so they know how to easily open and close them if needed. Here are some of the basic types of windows and window locks.

Single hung:
Bottom of window slides up to open.
Sliding: These windows slide to the side. One or both of the sides will be able to slide open
Casement: Hinged at the side, these windows can be cranked or swing open

Window Locks:
Sliding window locks:
These locks fit on the window to keep it from sliding or can mount to the side of the track to prevent sliding motion.
Folding latches: These can be installed on top of double hung windows and will allow the window to only open slightly and provide air circulation.
Window latch: These are the most common standard locks in the industry and are secured to one window, then attached to another window when it’s closed.

If the windows in your home are old and do not have proper opening control devices, or if you’re not sure if the windows in your home are secure for children, contact us today. Many new windows today have operating controlling devices that allow you to manually disengage for full operation of the window and then it will reset once the window is closed again.

If you’re interested in getting new windows that will energy efficient, quiet, and safe for children, contact our experienced team of window and door experts at Lifetime Windows & Doors.

KATU News. “2-year-old injured in fall from second story window in St. Helens.”
Accessed online May 22, 2017.

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