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Lincoln (D, W) Brand

Wood is one of the most thermally efficient materials available. While it does demand a high level of maintenance and upkeep, the efficiency and beauty is worth it.

Lincoln is one of few vendors still making wooden windows and doors. You can select the wood you like for windows and decide whether the exterior should be painted or clad in vinyl or fiberglass. Lincoln also offers a line of vinyl windows.

Many Products

Lincoln has five separate product lines that include pre-primed frames for those markets that require wooden windows painted on the exterior. They even have PVC-clad windows that offer great exterior strength on top of the thermal values of wood. They have a full line of specialty shaped windows to provide added design elements to your home.

Variety of Woods

Naturally, Lincoln offers windows in a wide variety of woods. You can choose from fir, mahogany, cherry, oak and pine. The wood is even available with aluminum cladding on the exterior to protect your windows from moisture, heat and cold. Adding an extra level of thermal protection, whether from PVC or aluminum, is an option worth considering, as paint is bound to require replacement eventually.


Lincoln also offers a full line of beautiful French and sliding doors. If you’re renovating your home and need to open up a wall, thermally efficient French doors may be exactly what you need to separate two living spaces while unifying them with a clear line of sight. Lincoln now offers a new line of vinyl doors and patio doors.