Replacement windows Beaverton, OR, can help reduce your energy bills. Do you want to save money each month? Many homeowners look for ways to save money. During home renovation projects, you need to focus on projects that can help reduce heat loss. This is where the best replacement windows can come in handy. All you need is to install multi-pane windows in your home. These windows are more energy-efficient as compared to single pane ones. Remember, most older houses have single-pane windows.

Whether or not investing in multi-pane windows can benefit you. It really depends on several factors. However, you need to choose between double-pane and triple-pane windows.

Wondering if triple-pane windows are worth the extra price?

Keep scrolling down to know about the key differences between double and triple-pane windows.

Energy Efficiency

Windows are the cause of major heat loss in most homes. Therefore, upgrading your windows can help keep more money in your pocket. All you need is to choose the perfect replacement windows for your home. Double and triple-pane windows do a great job when it comes to energy efficiency. A professional window contractor can help you choose between double or triple-pane windows.

When it comes to double pane windows, they reflect 90% of energy. As a result, such windows only let 10% of energy through. On the other hand, triple pane windows reflect 97% of energy.


If you live near a busy road, you might want to soundproof your home. Choosing superior quality replacement windows can do the job. You can find a range of windows that come with different soundproofing characteristics. Double or triple-pane windows can cover all your soundproofing needs.

The sound transmission rating (STC) of double pane windows is most likely between 26 and 32. As a result, these windows stop more noise as compared to single-pane windows. The additional layer of glass offers noise reduction when it comes to triple-pane windows. However, there is little space between each pane. For that reason, triple pane windows offer the same STC rating as double pane ones.


Windows play a crucial role in providing an extra layer of security to your home. Double pane windows are more secure than single pane ones. It’s not easy to break double pane windows as there are two sheets of glass. Similarly, triple pane windows are even more difficult to break. These windows offer maximum security. Apart from that, triple pane windows are more resistant to damage.

Still, wondering which one is best, double-pane or triple-pane windows?

Undoubtedly, both kinds of windows have numerous benefits. However, you need to choose the right windows for your home. An expert window contractor company can help make the right choice. Our experienced contractors can inspect the condition of your home to suggest you the most suitable windows. You can rely on our window replacement experts to find the best replacement windows for your home. We have been helping homeowners for many years when it comes to replacement windows Beaverton, OR, and doors.

Key Differences between Double-Pane and Triple-Pane Windows in Portland OR - Vancouver WA - Bend OR - Salem OR

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