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James Hardie (S) Brand

For all of your siding needs, we proudly work with James Hardie siding. A Northwest favorite, James Hardie produces the HardiePlank, a fiber-cement siding that is all-weather, durable, functional and aesthetically appealing.

This concrete-fiber product doesn’t buckle or swell in times of high heat and humidity, is impervious to bugs and will never rot.

As contractors, we have a special relationship with James Hardie and are factory-trained to install their products. If we install HardiePlank on your home, you can guarantee that your siding is 100% and that it will last you and your family a generation.


Since HardiePlank is comprised of only cement and natural fiber, it is a highly sustainable product, which should put many homeowners’ minds to rest. Compare the sustainable picture of HardiePlank with vinyl siding, which is an oil-based product that does not biodegrade and whose creation is often fraught with problems. Then compare with wood, which is biodegradable but which required lead paint, and is necessarily the product of many trees.

Home Protection

HardiePlank will safeguard your home in a variety of ways. Since it is concrete, it will not burn like wood, nor melt like vinyl. It is resistant to mold, which is a boon to the wood underneath.


HardiePlank can be delivered to your home with a factory coat of paint or it can come primed and ready for us to apply your favorite tint. It won’t require frequent touch-ups, but if you eventually decide that you would prefer a new look for your home, repainting is easy. Wooden siding will require regular maintenance to ensure that the wood does not rot, and vinyl is only available in factory colors.

Custom Made for Our Climate

HardiePlank is created with your climate in mind. In fact, for every climate in the nation they have a custom-designed siding product. The siding for Oregon can withstand our damp, cold winters and then take on our hot and dry summer days.