Your window replacement in Bend, OR wouldn’t be complete unless you worked with a reliable contractor. That’s the only way to know that the work is being done correctly. If you’re not an experienced contractor, you might not be aware when it’s time to replace your windows. After all, it isn’t always obvious when it’s time to replace your windows.

There are, however, signs that you can look at for. Here’s what they include.

Jammed Windows

If your windows don’t open or close correctly, it’s a strong sign that they need extra attention, perhaps even to be replaced. It’s rarely worthwhile to repair a window. For the same amount of money, you can install a completely new one.

Don’t ignore the problem. Once it becomes an issue, it won’t take care of itself.


If you feel a draft coming from one of your windows, it’s a big problem. A draft makes your home less energy-efficient. You’ll notice the difference in your energy bills.

An easy way to figure out if a window is letting in a draft is to hold a candle in front of the glass. If it starts to flicker, air is coming into your home.


People who live in older homes have to worry about replacing their windows sooner. Windows built before modern times weren’t as well-made. They also aren’t as energy-efficient. So if your home is at least a few decades old, you should figure out when the windows were last replaced. You could be due.

If you do decide to replace your windows, you should choose a top of the line model.


Once you start feeling bored with your windows, it’s a sign that you need a change. You shouldn’t be expected to be happy with the same design forever. Homeowners often decide to make their windows bigger when they get a chance. Large windows are simply more impressive.

Get a Quote

If you think that your windows need attention, it’s a good idea to get a quote from a professional company. It’s possible that missing something. Before you make a final decision about what you’re going to do, you have to be sure that you’re getting the full picture.

Many companies will give you a free quote. That way, you can compare multiple companies. This makes it easier to make your final decision. You’ll be able to spot the differences between their plans.

Replacing your windows is a worthwhile task if you’re a homeowner. Even if you have no plans to sell your property. You’ll feel happier yourself if your windows are in strong condition. Every part of your home will be more comfortable and visually appealing.

Lifetime Windows & Doors can help you renovate your windows. When your home needs a window replacement Bend, OR, don’t waste your time working with inferior companies. You can find our team at 1091 SE Division St., Bend, OR, 97702. Or you can reach us at (541) 633-7868. We’d love to answer any questions you might have.

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