Replacement windows Hillsboro, OR, can make your home more appealing. You can also revamp the look of your front porch or patio by switching up outdoor lights. Outdoor light fixtures do not only look beautiful and attractive, but it also serves a purpose of security. They can be affixed to your windows. If you have damaged lights in your exterior garage, porch, or patio, then it can be an easy and simple weekend project for you to add value to your home by replacing them. Keep in mind that there are some tips that you need to know before thinking about outdoor lighting installation.

Replacing outdoor lights is not a complicated process but there are some key factors involved in it. Outdoor lights come in three wires for wiring, black or red (hot wire), white or gray (neutral wire), and green or bare copper (ground wire). You can easily connect the wires of your new light fixtures if you identify these three wires.

Learn about the important steps to replace an outdoor light.

Remove Existing Light

Make sure to disconnect the power from the main supply before you start working on any electrical project. You can disconnect it from the circuit breaker panel or fuse box installed in your home. Never reconnect the power until you’ve completed the work. Moreover, keep the work area dry before removing the existing light on your porch or patio. Start with removing the existing light from the wall by lifting off the screws that are located underneath a mounting plate. With the help of a screwdriver or power drill, you can remove the screws easily while holding the light fixture in place.

Replace the Mounting Plate

You may need to replace the mounting plate because a new light fixture should come with such hardware. Make sure to replace the old plate with the new mounting hardware. Keep in mind that screw sizes and holes orientation vary according to the different models and manufacturers. For that reason, make sure that the new mounting bracket has all the required light fixtures.


Wiring of the outdoor light needs your attention. You need to wrap the ground wire around the grounding bolt and ensure tightening the bolt. After that, connect the wires from the junction box to the new fixture’s wires based on the model’s instructions. While starting the wiring, connect black-black, white-white, and ground to ground by twisting the bare ends of wires together.

You can use wire snips to trim the casing of the wires if the wire ends are not long enough to twist together. It’s up to you to use connectors or electrical tape to secure the ends of the wires. If you’re using wire connectors, then screw them tightly and ensure by giving a gentle tug.

Installing the New Fixture

Install the new light fixture to the mounting hardware and seal the top and sides by using the caulk gun. Turn on the power from the main circuit breaker after inserting a light bulb. A replaced outdoor light will look captivating and what can give you more comfort than replacing it with your own hands. Your replacement windows Hillsboro, OR, will also look better if they’re surrounded by high-quality lights.

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