Summer heat is back in action this week and it’s a great time to be outside. But even if you’re stuck inside, you can still enjoy the summer sunshine through your windows! Sun that streams through your windows at home can lift your spirits and keep you energized, but if your windows are dirty, it will be harder to enjoy looking outside. Don’t let dirty windows cloud your life. Here’s what you can do to keep them sparkling during the summer.

Tip #1: Start on the outside.
Keeping the exterior of your windows clean is the first step. If you have screens on your windows, remove them and wash them, as dust, pollen, and other debris will become caught in the mesh over time. Then, this will transfer to the windows during rainy weather.

Tip #2: Keep foliage, barbecues, and sprinklers away from windows.
If you have a barbecue near a window at home, make sure that you move it at least five feet away from the windows when you’re grilling. The smoke and the grease from the grill can begin collecting on the glass and over time, this will create a film on the window. If you have trees and bushes near your windows, be sure to keep them trimmed, not touching the window. Pollen and dirt can build up on the trees and bushes, which is then transferred to your windows for accumulation. The same goes for sprinklers: if water hits the windows, hard water stains can cause mineral deposit stains on the windows and if they aren’t cleaned, can cause damage over time.

Tip #3: Keep your HVAC system cleaned.
Your HVAC system should have its filter replaced every two months or so. This will not only keep your heating and cooling system maintained, but it will also reduce the amount of contaminants that enter your home through the system and ultimately reduce the amount of dust, pollen, or other airborne particles that lead to residue on the inside of your windows.

The windows of your home are one of the most important parts of it. They add value and natural light to your space without using expensive electricity. Cleaning them regularly – either by yourself or with a professional window cleaner – can help maintain their quality over time. Or, perhaps it’s time to replace all the windows in your home and upgrade to new, energy efficient windows. Contact us today for options and pricing that fits your budget. We are proud to serve Portland and the surrounding areas as well as Central Oregon. Our company has a sterling reputation that has been built over the last couple of decades and we’re proud of our team. Let us help you prioritize your project!


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