Replacement windows Beaverton, OR, combined with other design elements, make the living room one of the most functional rooms in your home. It is a place that serves various purposes. Whether you need to gather around with your family or welcome the arrival of your guests, the living room comes first. However, there can be a lot of issues when it comes to arranging living room furniture. Perfectly arranged furniture makes it stand out and looks elegant.

Learn about some of the important designer tips for placing furniture in your living room.

Establish Focal Point

Make sure to find out the focal point in your living room. Establish the focal point and arrange your furniture around it. It is the main point in your living room where you can place the furniture for the sitting purpose. For some living rooms, it can be an existing feature such as a window or fireplace, and in others, it is something that you bring in the room like a television. If the focal point is the room’s window, you can highlight a wonderful view.

Comfortable Conversations

You need to perfectly place the furniture where people should be able to have comfortable conversations with each other. Use your furniture to create a conversation area where you do not have to strain your neck or shouting while talking.

Smooth Traffic Flow

Make sure to leave enough space for the people to walk around the furniture. While arranging your living room furniture, ensure that you can easily get from one side of the room to the other side.

Keep Furniture Away From the Walls

One of the common mistakes people mistake is having the furniture with backs touching the walls. Pull your furniture away from the walls in your living room.

Sofas and Chairs

These are the important elements of furniture in your living room. Make sure that the sofa and chairs suit the place. Most importantly, always measure the space before purchasing any of these elements for your living room. Otherwise, you will end up buying either too large or too small living room furniture.


Rugs are used to define the seating areas in your living room. Using area rugs is the best way to place your furniture. But, most people make the mistake of using an area rug that’s too small. By doing this, all of the furniture cannot be placed on the carpet. However, if you have a small living room, make sure that the front legs of your living room furniture are on the rug area.

Coffee Table

It is the functional element that is often placed in the center of the conversation area. While purchasing the coffee table for your living room, make sure that its height should be lower than that of the chairs and sofas height.

Living Room Accessories

Living room accessories are as important as furniture, and you have to perfectly place some window treatments or artwork in your living room. Think about the places where the accessories can suit with the furniture. With the help of elements like replacement windows Beaverton, OR, you can add an elegant look to your living room which can make it stand out.

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