Soundproof Windows

You want the light and the view, but you prefer quiet—either inside or outside your window. Beyond modern double- or triple-paned windows, we can add thickness, special laminate and foam spacers to disrupt the sound waves moving through the glass. Whether it’s ambient road noise from without or the stereo from within, we have the technology for the solution.

Milgard’s Quiet Line:

Milgard Windows & Doors’ Quiet Line windows cut the noise while providing extra weather protection. This line offers a 30 percent reduction in noise over their other windows. Milgard’s high-quality vinyl recipe keeps the glass snug in the frame and provides a sound buffer that is nearly unparalleled. Add to this offset window glazing, varied glass thickness and lamination, and you have a recipe for peace and quiet.

Foam spacers and laminated glass are what help make Milgard windows extremely quiet. You will be happy to learn that the laminated glass is shatter resistant—useful in the event of a flying object (baseball season!) hitting the window.