Shaped Windows

Shaped windows are typically non-operable windows that add an elegant accent to your home. They are available in a variety of styles, with glass that will help you save on your energy bill.

There is no better design element in a home than an elegantly shaped window. Most homes primarily use rectangular windows, so including an arched, half-round window over a doorway or an octagonal window at the top of the stairs can add an accent that enhances the whole space.

At the apex of a roof, atop a double-hung window, you might place a half-round specialty window as the finishing touch. When the sun hits a well-placed half-round window, it is a magnificent sight to behold. Put one above your main entryway and greet your guests in a bath of sunlight.

Anarch-top window has square corners at the bottom and then lines that arch to the center.

The gable features square corners at the bottom and then the lines break and then stay straight to form an “A” frame at the center.

Aquarter-round window can rise up to 6 feet tall, so you can put nearly any rectangular window between two quarter-rounds.

An octagonal window is a unique choice. These windows are divided into “panes” by a grid divider to add an extra design element. Some have opaque glass to provide privacy, and others are cut into sections with lead dividers, much like a stained glass window.

Most of these windows are framed in state-of-the-art vinyl casings that are well insulated and guaranteed to last a long time. If you are in need of a breeze, hinged octagonal windows allow a bit of ventilation.

The glass options for shaped picture windows are wide open. Most come with standard glazed panes, but if you decide to have a very large shaped window, you might opt for double- or triple-paned glass to maximize the energy-saving quality of the window.