Garden Windows

Create a small greenhouse in your house with a garden window box. You could fill it with house plants or opt for a miniature herb garden. Breathe in that extra oxygen and clean air.


Both Milgard and Simonton offer garden windows. While garden windows are not as efficient as other windows, they grant the ability to have many plants in the home. You can choose from a variety of glass options to maximize the efficiency available. There are noise-dampening options available, too, in case there is a noisy street or business nearby. Both manufacturers’ garden boxes are available in energy-efficient vinyl.


Prior to installing a garden window, we make sure that it won’t interfere with anything outside. They only extend a foot or two from the house, so they don’t often cause issues. Then we look for a spot that will receive ample light to help your plants grow.


Indoor plants are soothing for many people. Some studies have shown improvements in focus, health, and breathing. Plants add extra oxygen and purify the air in the room in general. That makes a garden window a good choice in so many rooms of the house—consider installing one in your home office.

Air Flow:

While these windows do not fully open to allow a generous cross-breeze, they do have openings to allow a flow of air across the plants and into your home. The Simonton windows feature a crank-operated window, and the Milgard window boxes have optional privacy glass, which can give flowering plants an interesting look from outside.

Various Options:

We install fully adjustable tempered glass shelves—unlike their wire predecessors. Most garden windows come standard with one shelf, and we can add additional shelves as requested.
Between the two manufacturers offering garden windows, we have six general options. From there, each manufacturer has specific choices in terms of glass type, privacy and efficiency. There are suitable color options from either manufacturer, so your garden can reflect a sense of style while addingvitality toyour home.