Egress Windows

Safety is an important aspect of any building project. If you are refinishing a basement with a bedroom or for some other regular use, you will want to include an egress window. Defined as a window that you can exit, an egress window may be required for full legal compliance in a livable basement space. Other rooms in the house, including aboveground bedrooms, may benefit from an egress window.


If you have elders in the home, it may be wise to install egress windows in their bedrooms, so they can exit the building in an expeditious manner if an emergency arises. We can expand the existing windows if needed so that there is an adequate fire escape. While an egress window should be no higher than 44 inches from the floor, we can set the window at the optimal height for your needs—a playroom for children may benefit from a lower window.


Egress windows are all casement windows that swing outside when the hand crank is turned. Our vendors carry many options: Milgard, for instance, offers casement windows in a variety of frame materials. They can provide us with custom casement windows in fiberglass, vinyl, wood or aluminum.
Portland Window Codes
Download a PDF of Portland Window Codes here.