Decorative Windows

Decorative windows add interest throughout the home. You might choose decorative glass in the kitchen to add more ambiance to casual meals. The living room may benefit from a design upgrade to enhance appeal when guests arrive.


A decorative window really means adding something to dress up an existing window. You can pick eye-catching grids in numerous combinations and styles, use specialty hardware—like satin nickel or oil-rubbed bronze—and choose various colors and interior finishes.


Milgardoffers obscured glass in a variety of forms. For instance, the Narrow Reed design is comprised of narrow ridges in the glass, which generally run vertically. Narrow Reed glass can be a great choice for long windows alongside a door or as an accent for larger windows elsewhere in the home.


Milgard can also etch designs into a window. The etched-glass gives the illusion of multiple panes of glass and comes in a variety of standard designs, such as square diamond, diamond grid, or colonial grid, among others. This etch work can give any window a stately appearance, both from within the house and from the street.


Though not strictly decorative, there are at least five tints available for your glass, which can cut down the incoming heat and light. While this may not be a top priority for those of us in the Pacific Northwest, it may be a worthwhile consideration if your home has an attic room, which can get quite hot even in the winter.