Bay Windows

Bay windows are a perennial favorite. Imagine a lovely bench seat encased on three sides by windows—the perfect spot to sit during downtime to read, chat, or simply rest. We can install a custom bay window where there was none, or even upgrade an existing bay window with new, state-of-the-art glass and framing for added efficiency and charm.

Extend out of the confines of your existing walls with a bay window, which can capture extra light and offer a well-lighted spot to sit and read year round.

Often bays are designed to be three-sided additions: they feature two sides that typically extend at 45° to meet an outer side that is parallel to the interior wall. The outmost side is a large picture window, and the two angled sides generally feature operational windows. You can decide if you want single-hung, double-hung or casement windows on the sides.

Your bay window may require a roof, framing or special decorative support, depending on your desired aesthetic or project.

Glass options:

As with so many of the products we work with, you can choose exactly what sort of glass you prefer. If the kids like playing ball near thewindow, you may want lamination, which helps prevent shattering. Our Simonton vendor offers bronze or gray tinted glass to reduce sunlight.

Energy Efficiency:

Even bays can come in double- or triple-paned glass. Energy efficiency is job #1 in the window world, and we want to hear that your energy bills have decreased after installation. There is no reason to sacrifice savings for beauty, particularly not with today’s technology. Take a look at the various coatings, tints and pane options. Your windows may even be so efficient that they qualify you for a tax break.

Direct Dealer for Many Manufacturers:

No matter what sort of window solution you envision, we have five manufacturers offering so many options that you are bound to find exactly what you need to increase the appeal and efficiency of your home.