A classic favorite, wood is no longer used by some builders for exterior windows and doors. Our clients still love it, and we are happy to offer it.

While many new technologies have arisen to take its place, wood holds its own in terms of thermal efficiency, beauty and durability. We are thrilled to have partnered with one of the best wooden window manufacturers, Lincoln Windows, which uses top-quality wood made with mortise and tenon joinery to create gorgeous, efficient windows.


Bare wood is one of the most desired home-building materials available. It is also very efficient, keeping cold winter air out and the warmth of the hearth inside. In the summer, it keeps your conditioned air inside and the arid heat out. In fact, wood is one of the best insulators available. You can paint our wooden windows any color you like, offering a near-infinite set of possible choices for interior and exterior aesthetic.


Wooden windows do require regular maintenance to keep the elements at bay. You’ll need to repaint or refinish themfrequently to ward against rot and decay. Most come with reasonable warranties, and some include limited lifetime guarantees. When wood is well tended, it will last you and your family for years.


Horizontal slider, bay, double- and single-hung, awning and casementwindows are all available in wood. Even specialty windows such as octagonal, circular and other non-operational windows are also available. Two of our excellent manufacturers, Milgard and Lincoln, offer wooden windows. For the wood purist, Lincoln is your choice. For those who want the appearance of wood with the care and warranty of a Milgard, choose wood-clad fiberglass windows.