One of the strongest and most versatile materials available. Fiberglass can be painted or clad with wood trim to suit your home. Since it is a mixture of glass fibers and resin, this lightweight material does not expand or contract any more than the glass it holds, allowing less stress on the unit as a whole.
Fiberglass has been used as a material in boat building for years. It’s extremely durable and reliable, as proven by its ability to withstand the challenges of the sea.


Fiberglass comes in a variety of factory-painted colors. If you would prefer your windows ready to go upon installation, we can take a look at the palette of paints available for your windows. It is always our goal to make our customers as happy as possible, providing as many custom features as possible. After all, it is your home—it should reflect your taste.


One of the primary benefits of fiberglass is that it can be painted. Vinyl window frames are wonderful, but the homeowner must be happy with the same color of window frame until that frame is replaced, or else void the warranty upon painting. Fiberglass also will not face any issues related to weather, such as warping or rot. A wooden veneer can be added to the interior of the window frame, providing a warmth and attractiveness that other materials can’t match.


Fiberglass will reflect your taste and personality for years to come, since itis the absolute tops in durability and strength. It is impervious to weather, rot, decay, insects, salt air and ultraviolet rays. It can hold huge picture windows as well as double- and triple-paned windows, allowing both beauty and energy efficiency. Those qualities make up for the extra expense when purchasing this material.


If you want the absolute best and most versatile window material available, choose fiberglass. It will adapt to your changing aesthetic tastes better than vinyl, will resist time and weather better than wood, and it is as strong as aluminum.